President Donald Trump’s niece’s official fight against all whistleblowers

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 President Donald Trump’s niece’s official fight against all whistleblowers changed again on Thursday when her lawyer filed a document lifting the temporary restrictive order.

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this order saying that the secrecy agreement she signed 19 years ago was not allowed Fraud committed.

Mary Trump said in a confirmation that when she signed the agreement and ended the clash over her grandfather’s will.

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she believed that the number of assets in it was exact, but learned from the exposure of the New York Times Is false.

trump niece
WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 14: US President Donald Trump walks on the south lawn of the white house on June 14, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump, who turned 74 today, is the oldest person to assume the presidency at 70 years and 220 days on Inauguration Day in 2017 Credit: Mary Trump/Twitter; Tasos Katopodis/Getty

In addition, she said that she did not believe that the agreement would prohibit her from telling her “life story”.

which happened to include details of “the behavior and character of my uncle, current US president”.

Moreover, she pointed out that President Trump “had talked about our family and will issue on many occasions”.

which means that any confidentiality agreement will be invalid.

she wrote;

“The parties to the agreement, including my uncles Donald Trump and Robert Trump, or my aunt Mary Trump, never required my permission to talk openly about our family or they and me, My brother Fred or the personal relationship between each other,”


In a petition to the New York Supreme Court, Mary Trump’s lawyer wrote that it was clear that the president and his family

“don’t want the American public to hear” the client’s story.

They wrote:

“But the First adjustment, the general rules of contract law and the bedrock evenhanded principles defeated the petitioner’s special and unfounded requirements for injunctions.”

“The Daily Beast”:

“The Daily Beast” was the first to report the “painful and mean” wanted order written by Mary Trump, who used “self” as the Pulitzer Prize-winning.

Trump tax investigation for the Times the main source, the survey revealed that the president received more than $400. His father’s real estate empire priced at $1 million in today’s dollars and participated in a “fraudulent” tax plan.

Robert Trump has issued a momentary restrictive order:

Robert Trump has issued a momentary restrictive order against Simon & Schuster and Mary Trump.

This week, an appeal court filed the order with the publishing company. Now Mary claims that her order should also be lifted.

lawyer wrote:

Her lawyer wrote that Robert Trump

“can’t succeed with his contract claims because the confidentiality clauses of financial clash in the settlement agreement filed by the plaintiffs over the decades cannot be enforced and do not apply.”

Charles Harder, Robert Trump’s lawyer, did not react to requests.

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