Trump visits Korean War Memorial!

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Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited a War Memorial. He attended the memorial on Thursday morning in Washington.
The Korean 70 war anniversary held on that day.

Donald Trump and the first lady stood near the monument for a moment of silence. They laid their hands on the wreath. President saluted the wreath. The first lady placed her hand over her heart. A military band played ”Taps”. The president greeted elderly Korean War veterans.

Veterans Affairs Secretary, Interior Secretary, and South Korea’s ambassador were also there.

The Korean War began on June 25, 195p. The U.S. backed forces of South Korea fought China Backed North Korean Forces. More than 33,00 Americans died in the bloody war. The war ended in 1953. Korea was the first military action of the cold war.

70th anniversary of the Korean war:

The ceremony marked the 70th anniversary of the Korean war. The couple then walked down a line of elderly U.S. Korean War vet’s. Ths vets included Marines and soldiers. The president spoke privately with each and saluted each one.

“Appreciate it, Thank you very much, We’ll take care of all of you,” Trump said. He made no public remarks. Many people overheard his comments.

Donald Trump made a tour around the park. The National Park Service official gave Trump a brief tour of the monument. He also pointed out the distinctive memorial’s features.

Donald trump cupped his hand by his hand and called” Thank you” to all veterans before he departed.

Korean war memorial facts:

The statues have reflective properties due to steel—.because of their reflective property. The number 38 is the most important in the design of the memorial 38 th parallel. There are only 19 statues that reflect the statues. Their sum is 38.

The 19 statues look like soldiers are marching in a rice field. They depict the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines who served in the war.

Battle of little bighorn:

The battle of little bighorn is known to be the worst defeat faced by the U.S. The battle of the Little bighorn was fought in June 1867 near the Montana Territory. The U.S. forces were outnumbered, and the battle was named as Custer’s Last Stand.

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