Turkey faces Earthquake: is this natural or the result of deadly technology from Erdogan enemies?

At least 22 people have been killed in turkey earthquake
At least 22 people have been killed in turkey earthquake

At least 22 people have been killed in Turkey due to earthquake in Aegean Sea.

7.0 magnitude earthquake slams a live-streamer in #Izmir, Turkey.

Today an earthquake with 7.0  magnitude hit the Turkey and Greek island and left 22 people killed with hundreds of injuries and building collapse and mini floods. This major earthquake blows up all the geologists minds. According to the Turkish geologist, they didn’t have any information about this major dilemma and this isn’t what it seems something is hiding behind all this.

Turkey earthquake footage captures moment building collapses in İzmir | video from The guardian

When a place has some chance to face some sort of geological problem earth gives us hints. Nature has its values and it always sends alarms before anything going to happen. Some conspiracy theories are taking place in this situation what are these let’s discuss them.

Earthquake with 7.0  magnitude hit the Turkey and Greek island

Earthquake in turkey is natural or technology-based?

As we know this earthquake didn’t send any alarm before happen and the actual reason is; it is not real. Yeah! A fake earthquake game was played. At this time a question came to our minds that who did this and why did this happen?

Deadly Earthquake in turkey
Deadly Earthquake in turkey

Turkey earthquake is the result of Erdogan and Emmanuel Macron Fight?

This earthquake happens after Erdogan and French president Macron disputes. Turkey is closed for 100 years and all the binding contracts are going to finish soon.

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The Turkish nation is representing Islamic values more than any other Islamic country. this earthquake can be the result of these Islamic and non-Islamic fights.

This is an alarm to Erdogan and the Turkish nation that they should keep silent or they will face some serious consequences.

Difference between natural earthquake and fake or self-made earthquake

Scientists can calculate the probability of an earthquake before it happens, a specific area within a certain number of years it will happen. Earthquake predictors can predict the following.

Date and time

The location or a specific area


On the other hands’ use of deadly technology results in earthquakes, technology is advanced now and some dirty minds used this for their benefits and to warn others.

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