Turkey slams the U.S. announced plans to resettle Afghans

Helen Dunmore
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  • Ankara said that Washington’s arrangement to allow Afghans to pass through a third country may trigger another provincial immigration emergency.
  • A senior State Department official said that Washington has been talking about likely surges with adjoining nations, adding that it is significant that Pakistan’s lines with Afghanistan stay open, while others might venture out to Turkey by means of Iran. “Flippant choice”
  • In any case, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday dismissed the case that Turkey was utilized as a migration course for Afghans. The nation has effectively obliged multiple million displaced people and won’t “attempt another movement emergency in the interest of a third country.” We don’t acknowledge reckless choices made by the United States without talking with our country. Assuming the United States needs to carry these individuals to its own country, it can straightforwardly move them to its own country via plane. The service said in an articulation.

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  • “No one should have expected that the Turkish nation should bear the burden of the emergency situation experienced by our region in choosing a third country.”
  • With regard to the intensification of barbarism in Afghanistan, many Afghans have crossed the border into Turkey, raising concerns about the gathering of new exiles.
  • The relationship between Ankara and Washington has become tense due to a series of issues, including the previous acquisition of Russian support equipment and the comparison of Middle East strategies.
  • After the United States and NATO withdrew their soldiers from Afghanistan, Ankara proposed to secure and operate the Hamid Karzai International Airport in the capital Kabul. This move may create an area for participation among NATO partners.
  • President Tayyab Erdogan said that the Turkish authorities are having undeniable discussions on this issue with their partners in Afghanistan.
  • At the same time, Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu said on Twitter on Wednesday that Turkey has been strengthening route security due to the normal expansion of the proliferation of illegal settlers.
    He said that Turkey’s 740-kilometer (460-mile) eastern border will be observed by aerial robots (UAV) on the ground, photoelectric minarets, and night-time warm imaging cameras.
  • An additional 500 town police and 82 heavily armed vehicles were transported to the border to improve security, adding that Turkey blocked the undocumented portion of more than 505,000 people in 2020 and has blocked so far this year. Approximately 253,000 people.

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