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Donald Trump, Former President of the United States of America, was defeated badly not a single time but twice this year: once at the presidential election and secondly for the Time’s Person of the Year.

Time has a unique bonding with the presidency. Every elected President has been a person of the year but this time it can be considered history. For the first in history, not only the President but also a vice-president was made Person of the year by Time.

Time shortlisted some names Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Kamala Harris for the Time’s Person of the year. Time select only one person during their term as Person of the year but a history was made when Time chose two persons Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over Donald Trump which was also shortlisted for the person of the year.

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Kamala Harris is the first female vice president, the first black and first South Asian female to get this highly dedicated designation. Joe Biden is also among the oldest person to have been elected as President but also the old person in the person of the year in Time magazine.

Kamala Harris can be considered as an action-oriented person by her deeds she has a good vision of the current situation going on in the country and she promises to solve all the current crises efficiently.

Upon asking the question ” what is the first thing you want to do “the anchorperson said currently we are so many crises like public health, economy, racial injustice, and climate crisis we will address them all one by one and surely we will succeed.

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Some rumors are arising that Biden was elected by some higher authority and governance when seeing the country sicker and divided and black live matters movement. Some rumors also say that a black lady was made a vice president to bring back the unity and faith of black people.

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