Twitter becomes battleground between Donald Trump and WHO over pandemic

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Donald Trump twitter: The Twitter account of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, faces a new adversary: ​​Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Donald Trump twitter
President Donald Trump listens during a meeting with healthcare executives

In recent days, Tedros has sent around twice as many tweets as Trump, as both leaders struggle to control the narrative about the pandemic.

Still, it’s David vs. Goliath: Trump has 77 million followers, making his account one of the ten generally well known on Twitter. Tedros has 1 million followers, which might be directly for a leader of a United Nations Foundation. However, with one million followers, he is at the level of Pamela Anderson.

As contention encompasses how leaders handle the emergency, Twitter has become a battleground to legitimize their positions and earn support. Donald Trump started his assault on the WHO in a 49-word tweet on April 7.

After Trump ordered to stop US payments this week to WHO, Tedros retweeted messages of support from Melinda Gates, former President Jimmy Carter, and EU Commissioner for International Associations Jutta Urpilainen. He has also highlighted some countries and thanked them as they pledge more support.

Direct communication with followers on Twitter is a way of trying to control speech.

Donald Trump twitter

Trump’s Allegation against WHO

Trump has repeatedly said that the WHO made wrong recommendations. 

Tedros has defended the agency’s actions and lately has made a series of one-word posts like “humility,” “unity,” and “love.” When you first did this, the cryptic message generated over 5,000 comments and almost 7,000 likes.

The WHO leader has contained himself in his comments on the US, which is its largest donor and contributes about a sixth of the organization’s funds.

Twitter also sheds light on users’ perceptions of both leaders. At the moment, typing Tedros in the search bar shows #TedrosResign, while Trump’s name throws #TrumpLiesAmericansDie.

The WHO Director-General has revealed a knack for rubbing shoulders with celebrities. In early March, the #SafeHandsChallenge started and was filmed washing hands as the agency recommends.

After he provoked famous people to duplicate it, a torrential slide of stars reacted, including Gloria Gaynor singing “I Will Survive,” Selena Gomez, and Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrating his Yorkshire terrier, Cherry, the correct method to wash his hands.

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