Tyrese Haspil was arrested and charged murder of Fahim Saleh

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The formal personal assistant of Fahim Saleh, Tyrese Haspil, was arrested on Friday and also charged with murder.

Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh found dead on Tuesday:

The police statement is Fahim Saleh was discovered dead on Tuesday morning in his apartment. His cousin inside his 2 billion condo in a luxury building on the east side.

The cousin of Fahim had gone on that day to check in on him because he didn’t hear about him for almost about a day, not answering the call. Fahim Saleh’s body parts were brutally separated and the parts of his body had been found in large plastic bags .

An electric saw was used to diminished Fahim’s body parts:

An electric saw was found nearby the body, used to diminish the body parts and it was still plugged in. the former assistant of Fahim Saleh worked for him for almost 16 years was arrested.

He handled all the financial matters and he also owed the Fahims a big amount of money. According to the police statement the motive of killing a person like this and stolen roughly 90k dollars from him.

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Fahim Saleh fired his assistant

Fahim Saleh fired his assistant but not reported and also said to him to return all the money that he stoled. Mr. Saleh paid well to his assistant so he served his family member, but, why he did this.

Mr. Haspil was arrested

Mr. Haspil was arrested on Friday after two days of Fahim Saleh’s death, in the lobby of an apartment.

where he was staying with his female friend.several federal agents of us Marchel’s service are hired to him into custody. Mr. Saleh was killed one day before his body was found and after killing him killer used a credit card to pay for a car to West 23rd Street in Manhattan to purchase electrical saw.

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The next day he came back and continue to dismember his body parts and clean all the mess that he created. Detective said that the killer dressing was a black three-piece suit with wearing many things including; latex gloves and black masks and also carrying a big bag with him.

In the security camera footage of an elevator shows that killer carrying vacuum cleaner and also used it inside the apartment. Fahim Saleh died from multiple stab wounds on his body.


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