U.S. daily coronavirus cases exceed 50,000 for the first time

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There are more than 55,000 new cases in the country, which is the sixth record in nine days.

The Supreme Court approved Alabama’s request to restore voting restrictions during the pandemic. Before W.H.O planned to travel to China, China underestimated its expectations.

The United States exceeded 50,000 new cases in a single day for the first time.

According to the New York Times database, more than 55,000 new corona virus infections were reported across the United States on Thursday.

This is the sixth time that the country has set a new daily record of cases in nine consecutive days.

The shocking new milestone occurred when some of the most populous states in the country reported massive medical surges, and public health officials scrambled to limit the damage.

Since two weeks ago, the total number of infections reported on Thursday has increased by more than eighty-five percent of the time every day, as states reopened after a large-scale lockdown that eased the epidemic two weeks ago, especially in the hard-hit Northeast.

36,738 new cases were reported on April 24

 As of last week, the country has not exceeded the daily record for two months, as.

Now, the number of cases has moved to the South and West because the country has entered a holiday weekend, and this weekend is threatened by epidemics and may continue to deteriorate.

On Tuesday, as the epidemic expanded, the country’s leading expert in infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned that as the epidemic continues to develop, the number of new infections each day may increase to 100,000.

Businesses were closed again

In California, some newly opened businesses were closed again, and the number of new cases reported on Thursday increased from approximately 2,500 to 8,200, the highest total in a single day in the state.

If June is the month when the pandemic rises sharply under US control, then July seems destined to be the month when the country will understand how bad things will get.

Although Trump administration officials have argued in recent weeks that the increase in the number of cases can be attributed to the increase in testing, General Brett P. Girol, the Assistant Secretary of Health who oversees the government’s response to testing, told Congress on Thursday, The facts reflect the increase in cases.

Admiral Girol said: “There is no doubt that the more tests, the more content is found, but we do believe that this has indeed increased due to the rising positive rate.” “Therefore, in some cases. , This is indeed an increase.”

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