Udaariyaan Written Update 22 February 2022: Jasmine Humiliates Virk Family

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Udaariyaan Written Update 22 February 2022:

Udaariyaan Written Update 22 February 2022
Udaariyaan Written Update 22 February 2022

You will definitely feel over the top in Udaariyaan’s 22nd February 2022 episode. Fateh mentions that what everyone feared happened during Bojo and Simran’s wedding, while Jasmine is preparing to create a scene during the ceremony.

By mentioning such inappropriate remarks about Fateh’s entire family, Jasmine disrespects all of them, especially them for ruining her future and her passport when she was trying to leave the country while slamming Bojo and Simran as well.

As Fateh arrives, he tries to stop her because he knows where she is headed and, therefore, passes such remarks on to her.

As Jasmine has learned that Tejo and Fateh are planning something to hurt her, she is creating all these things so that in the end, she will not have the time for them to reveal her true self.

She may have learned about the lame death certificate that was obtained from the concerned authorities for the person claimed to be dead.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update & Episode

At the same time, Jasmine raises some questions about Simran’s character, making everyone feel a bit ashamed since Jasmine accuses Simran of something which is attracting an uncounted number of people.

The Virk family is also dishonored by her statements that if Simran has no faults, then why did they deny her wedding until now? Jasmine interrupts Khunshbir Singh by saying that something is wrong with Simran, so no one will marry her except for Bojo since she has some sort of problem.

Afterward, Fateh came to her and told her to leave the wedding venue because she had said uncountable things against the family, and now it was enough.

However, Jasmine says that regardless of what happens, she will not let him win. As a result, she decides to kidnap candy in order to prevent them from executing any actions against her as well as to easily trap them.

The reason is her deep knowledge that Tejo and Fateh will never leave her side and prove to be her biggest enemies. Stay tuned for more details as the show airs on colors.

Udaariyaan Written Update 19th February 2022:

Udaariyaan 19th February 2022 Written Update
Udaariyaan 19th February 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan’s upcoming episode is going to be intense enough, as Jasmine is set to take revenge by defeating Fateh in a football match. Yes, you heard right; Jasmine has decided to pay a ransom to the referee in order to ensure that all decisions will be made in Fateh’s favour with the ultimate goal of ruining his reputation in the worst possible way.

Additionally, she says that no matter what happens, she will not let him win at any cost, as he is the person responsible for her unhappiness, so he has no right to be happy either.

As Tejo listens to Fateh’s plans, Tejo tells her she won’t allow her to succeed in her downfall, and she decides to trap her into her scheme.

It means that she is always getting the answer in the same language she understands, therefore, she always uses the referee to help her, which will overturn the entire game in a way that she never imagined. When Jasmine finds out about all this, she gets shocked.

Udaariyaan today Written Update

In the meantime, Tejo informs everyone about Jasmine’s conspiracy, especially those women connected to an NGO along with Fateh. When they figure out what Jasmine is up to, they decide to trap him.

Therefore, they make the referee faint and ask Fateh to replace him as soon as possible because a match will start at any moment. Having a short time, they want to compete with their opposition as soon as possible.

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Fateh says that he has planned everything, so they eagerly await their appearance on the ground. Jasmine is also extremely happy because everything is going as she intended.

Jasmine is stunned when she sees the referee, as he has been replaced and no one knows where the other one is.

In spite of this, Jasmine cannot do anything because the match has started and the goal has been scored, so if she stops it then everything will be overturned. So, she feels helpless since Fateh and Tejo cannot be stopped. Stay tuned to Colors for the correct time and for more information.

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