Ukrainian Schools Introduce Firearms Training for Students

Western Ukrainian schools are incorporating rifle and pistol shooting practice using interactive software, according to a statement by a regional official on Thursday.

 training for students.
 training for students.

This underscores the impact of Russia’s nearly two-year invasion on school life in Ukraine.

The ongoing war has disrupted Ukraine’s education system, leading to online classes due to the destruction of school facilities amid the conflict. Additionally, officials have introduced war-time curricula, including drills for firing and drone piloting.

Governor Svitlana Onyshchuk of the western Ivano-Frankivsk region announced on social media that high school students in Prykarpattia would undergo shooting training using safe interactive systems as part of Defence of Ukraine classes.


This initiative will be implemented in around three dozen schools in the relatively calm western region, which has been spared from the direct impact of the conflict in the east.

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Describing the systems as mobile and comprising multimedia equipment, software, and weapon replicas, Governor Onyshchuk emphasized that the training is part of a broader effort to enhance skills related to military and patriotic education.

According to Kyiv, nearly 3,500 education facilities have been damaged, with 365 completely destroyed due to the fighting against Russian forces.



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