UN warns against “Cold War”: Trump attacks China

United Nations, United States: US President Donald Trump angrily condemned the coronavirus pandemic in China in a speech to the United Nations on Tuesday. The UN Secretary-General warned that there should be no new “cold war” between the two countries.

At a conference held almost entirely due to Covid-19, Trump gave a speech in the form of a campaign event. And even used his “Chinese virus” when the death toll in the United States exceeded 200,000, the grim milestone.

Trump said in a taped speech to the UN General Assembly:

“We must be responsible for the country that released this plague to the world-China.” There is a masked representative representing each country in every place.

Trump reiterated his criticism of China’s role in respiratory diseases. When the first case appeared in Wuhan at the end of last year, the news was suppressed.

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Trump has issued a notice that the United States is withdrawing from the World Health Organization. Washington has always been the largest contributor to the health agency. Which has solved polio, malaria and other diseases around the world.

Critics say that Trump is trying to pass on the responsibility for handling Covid-19 for him. Which has caused more losses in the United States than in any other country.

His Democratic rival in the November 3 election, Joe Biden, vowed to keep the United States in the World Health Organization if he wins.

Leaders are required to send videos a few days in advance to partially successfully avoid technical glitches. Which means that Chinese President Xi Jinping cannot respond to Trump’s remarks. But Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the United Nations, summoned reporters and described Trump’s tone as “incompatible with the general atmosphere of the world.”

Xi Jinping gave a gentle speech before the Great Wall oil painting, warning the world not to “politicize” the fight against the corona virus.

 Xi Jinping said that China will donate another 15 million US dollars to the United Nations Coronavirus Fund. He said: “China has no intention of participating in the Cold War.” He urged the world to avoid “the trap of a clash of civilizations.”

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