“Uncle Derek”, death of the 1993 world champion

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22 Apr 1997: Professional surfer Derek Ho surfs the Bonzai Pipeline in North Shore, Hawaii. Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn /Allsport

“Uncle Derek”, death of the 1993 world champion:

There is mourning the death of the 1993 world champion, who is known as “Uncle Derek” in Hawaii. he was the king of the entire surfing world.

He may surf the world’s most famous waves more often than anyone in history-even 55-year-old Derek Ho still can show everyone else in the Pipeline lineup. He died on Friday due to a heart attack.

Derek has won four triple crowns

“This is a terrible sad study of Derek How’s passing. Derek has won four triple crowns, two pipe masters, and the 1993 world championship, leaving an indelible mark in the international surfing world. Branded and has become the backbone of the North Shore community. The Surf Alliance said in a statement. “Our hearts are with those he loves. We will miss him. He will be remembered. “

He won the prestigious surfing triple crown in 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1990, thus establishing the image of local legend.

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“The Triple Crown website reads:

“Derek’s most memorable moment on Pipe was in 1986 when he pulled into the eight-second pipe and vomited to him twice.”He set a benchmark for extraordinary pipe surfing.” If you ask young Hawaiian professional surfers how they won the surf master and Triple Crown, they will say: “It’s like Uncle Derek in “86.”

At the age of 29, he became the first world champion in Hawaii. At that time, many people thought that he had finished the game, thus consolidating his historical position.

He won the Australian trio championship in 1993, respectively Gary Elkerton, Dave Macaulay, and Damien Hardman. Kelly Slater, who balances with the Surf Watchman, ranked fifth.

He also won Pipe that year, which was his playground. Jamie O’Brien, another expert on the iconic barrel reef destruction, puts Ho with Gerry Lopez and Rory Russel Rated together as the three best pipe surfers of all time.

“He may surf the waves more than anyone else on the planet. He is more than anyone else is in the world. Understand the trend. Having said that, he is a fashionista and he will stick to it. Derek is a living legend.”

The Ho family is a member of the royal family in Hawaii. His wife Tanya, son Makoa and daughter Kianaho, it was his family.

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