United states focusing on removing Chinese apps from their country

chinese application ban in US
chinese application ban in US

Donald Trump administration focusing on banning Chinese applications:

The Donald Trump administration has been focusing on removing Chinese manufacturers from the united states.

The market of the united states is going to be Chinese hardware manufacturers free.

Big companies are going to fade:

In which big companies are also going to fade in the shadow of Trump administration such as Huawei, ZTE.

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It’s a huge step for the market but before that, they are focusing on eliminating social media applications.

according to the CNBC report:

A report published by CNBC stated that the secretary of state Mike Pompeo told Fox News that the united states government is a departure to ban social media applications which are offering by Chinese companies.

In the list, they included the most famous Chinese application TikTok. that is a video sharing application. He said we are taking this seriously and in the future, it might be banned.

On June 30 it was announced by FCC that Huawei had been particularized as a national security threat.

The TikTok application must be second on the list. Pompeo said in the answer to a question that if Americans should use the Chinese application; they can but if they want to hand over their personal information to the Chinese community.

chinese application ban in US
chinese application ban in US

TikTok owned by Chinese company:

Tiktok is basically owned by a famous company name Bytedance, but this application is no presenting itself as a Chinese app. One spokesperson said to Pompeo.

TikTok is under by an American person, CEO of this company with a lot of security rules and regulations, and a lot of employes in us.

We never provide our data to the Chinese community not even when they asked about it.

On the other hand, the TikTok point of view stores data to the united states user data and in servers which are located in the united states, and its backup is also in Singapore.

We can say not a single word of united states data is entered in china. Why they are so frightened about its privacy or there is another reason behind it.

BBC report stated that the service of video sharing application is decided to take an exit from china after imposing the new security laws by Chinese.

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