US Man Placed on Ventilator Due to 20,000 Stings

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A young man from Ohio is in severe condition after getting stung over 20,000 times by bees and inhaling over three dozen of the buzzing insects. Austin Bellamy, 20, was pruning a lemon tree last week when, according to his mother, Shawna Carter of Fox19Now, he accidentally cut open a bee hive, releasing hundreds of African killer bees quickly swarmed around his head, neck, and shoulders. She informed local media that it appeared as though he was wearing a black blanket over his head, neck, and arms. View further information here.

According to his family and local media, a young man in Ohio is on life support after being stung by bees thousands of times.

Local media outlet Fox 19 stated that Austin Bellamy, 20, was placed in a medically induced coma Tuesday night after accidentally cutting into a beehive while performing tree work for a buddy.


A young man from Ohio is struggling for his life after being stung more than 20,000 times by bees and swallowing approximately 30 of the swarming insects.

Austin Bellamy, 20, was trimming a lemon tree last week when he accidentally broke open a beehive, releasing hundreds of African killer bees that swarmed around his head, neck, and shoulders, according to his mother, Shawna Carter, who spoke to Fox19Now.

“It appeared as though he had a black blanket covering his head, neck, and arms,” she told the local media.

Friday morning, Bellamy trimmed overgrown branches in the tree while his grandmother Phyllis Edwards and his uncle observed from the ground.

Suddenly, he hacked open the hive, releasing the enraged bees.


“When he began cutting them, the bees out, and he attempted to secure himself but was unsuccessful,” Edwards told Fox19. “He was crying out ‘, Help! Could you help me? Help!'”

She and Bellamy’s uncle were also under attack and unable to offer assistance.

“I intended to ascend the ladder to get to Austin… I observed how tall he was… “I could not reach him because bees besieged me,” she explained.

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The fire department responded and was able to rescue him from the tree.

The local site said Bellamy was evacuated to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center while EMS transported Edwards to a nearby hospital.

Bellamy was placed on a ventilator and medically induced into a coma.

In the description of a campaign Carter organized to cover her son’s medical expenses, she stated that he had been stung over 20,000 times and had ingested 30 bees.

She told Fox19 hospital personnel were “suctioning” bees out of Bellamy until Sunday.

She reported passing out when she first learned of her son’s death.

“I simply couldn’t handle it,” she stated.

Wednesday, Bellamy finally awoke, but he remains hospitalized, according to Carter’s Facebook. Doctors anticipate a complete recovery.

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