US television reporter Katie Couric were criticized badly on twitter due to spreading negativity, is this real Katie Couric?

US television reporter Katie Couric served as the co-host of “Today” in the 1990s and early 2000s, and in 2006 became the first woman to host only “CBS Evening News.” January 3, 2020. She is also a feminist and today everyone though that she was tweeting and said:

Dear men: “When entering the store, do not open the door for women. This means that you think women are incapable of doing things for themselves, and you think they are incompetent”.

Why should you open the door for women?

Why opening a door for women might lead you to be fired for sexual harassment?

Of course, there are many possibilities. Maybe this is a personality trait. A conscientious person may be more inclined to open the door to those behind him.

 Another possibility is that there are social factors. Maybe men are opened for women by social interaction, or young people are opening doors for older people. Maybe social factors are not so selfless, maybe men open doors for women who want to be more attractive to them.

 This may also be just a habit. If there is someone at a certain distance (for example, 5 feet) behind you, you have to grab the door, otherwise you won’t.

Journalist Katie Couric poses during an interview

Let us briefly return to the door issue

You are hurting the people you claim to defend. When you specifically point out the interaction between men and women, it will cause unnecessary fear and sexualization of women. A man who holds a woman’s door also holds a man’s door. This is not sexist or offensive behavior, but good manners. And elegance!

If when we are going through a door, both men and women are close enough behind us, then we always provide them with the opportunity to go first, because this is how we grow up, which is called demeanor.

Regarding inequality, there are some more important things that need your attention. Your comments will not help, they will only make people laugh.

I am not saying that we are calculating consciously. I do think that we have a habit of opening the social demeanor of acting like a door to a performance. However, these cultural practices have succeeded because they can help people minimize the collective effort required in their daily work.

In some ways, this is just a cultural version of the golden rule. If everyone does what they want to do for others, it will ultimately make everyone’s life better. Over time, these little things add up.

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Criticism from women

People gushed over her and criticized Katie, most of the criticizers were women. According to them, open a door for any person can be called manners, not any bad things even they disgusted her point of view and scrutinize her. This situation screwed her up she replied most of the comments so rudely Katie’s brutal behavior showed her negativity and sick mind. Talking about women rights doesn’t mean you spread negativity about feminism, a true feminist always respects others even it was a man or a woman. Most of the criticizers even said that let her shit out of our mind and be positive!

Updated: That account got suspended due to this offensive post on twitter, Twitter in action lol…

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