Usain Bolt introduces daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt to the world

Usain Bolt introduces daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt to the world, raises the bar for celebrity baby names

Usain Bolt introduced her daughter
He introduced her daughter

Usain Bolt introduced her daughter on social media first time:

The person who won the Olympic gold medal eight times went to social media to introduce his new daughter to fans. He has chosen his daughter as the Olympia lightning bolt.

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The former Jamaican sprinter announced the baby’s name while celebrating his girlfriend Kasi J. Bennett’s birthday.

her name is unique and different from other celebrities:

The fastest person on earth cannot choose a more appropriate name for her daughter. Usain Bolt introduced Olympia Lightning Bolt (we just don’t know the word game we need) to the world on social media.

He was born in May and is an eight-time Olympic medal winner and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett.

Olympia Lightning won praise on the social media:

The photo of the couple’s first child won praise and won the Internet. Bolt wrote captions as he wanted to commemorate Bennett’s birthday.

“I just want happiness…”

usain bolt
usain bolt

He shared her daughter Olympia lightening photographs on social media and everybody loved it:

Bolt also shared photos of cute children on Twitter for the second time, wearing a beautiful pink dress with the full name of Little Olympia on the picture. in her photoshoot, she was looking into the camera like she’s use to it. her big and attractive eyes melts the heart of everyone.

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she wears a beautiful pink dress, with shining stones in it. on the internet, everybody loves how she looks on camera and her response towards the camera.

Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness announcement:

After Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the birth of the baby seven weeks ago, the Olympias and his partner have so far kept the baby’s name secret. but now they reveal it on social media with her photographs.

name was chosen by Bolt, Olympia’s father and Bennett, her mother:

The names chosen by Bolt and Bennett for baby girls are different from the names of unconventional celebrities we are just getting used to. Appropriate example: XÆA-X12-child of Elon Musk and Grimes.

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