Users of Snapchat and Spotify Report Outages

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Spotify and Snapchat users all report outage as major apps go down

CHICAGO, Ill. (CBS) – Users of Snapchat and Spotify have reported outages on Tuesday.

“Many Snapchat users are having difficulty navigating the app. “Please bear with us while we work on a fix,” Snapchat Support stated on Twitter.

Snapchat recommends that you stay logged in until the issue is resolved.

Spotify has also reported that it is investigating the outage.

“We’ve received reports that the Spotify page isn’t working properly and that users are encountering an error message when attempting to access it. Spotify’s app is also experiencing this issue,” the company said in a written statement.

Spotify will keep you informed.

Spotify, Discord, Snapchat, and Etsy all appear to be recovering from an outage that knocked them and several other websites offline for just under an hour on Tuesday.

Google Cloud appears to have been the source of the outages. The service’s status page still indicates that a networking issue is causing problems, resulting in the 404 errors that appeared on affected web pages. According to a status page update posted at 1:17 PM ET, “the issue with Cloud Networking is partially resolved,” and it appears as though most services are resuming regular operation, albeit with a few bugs or long loading times. Google’s status page notes that there is currently no estimate for when the issue will be resolved ultimately.

Tens of thousands of users report disruption to Google, Snapchat, Spotify  and other major sites

A quick look at DownDetector demonstrates the issue’s widespread impact, with everything from Pokémon Go to Home Depot experiencing issues. We’ve contacted several of the companies affected and will update this post as new information becomes available.

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The tracker indicated that many services began experiencing issues simultaneously, indicating that the problems were caused by a single provider rather than an ISP outage or individual sites experiencing problems concurrently. As with previous outages caused by issues at Fastly or AWS, a service’s reliance on other providers enables it to offer content on a massive scale, but if there is a problem, all of them can go down simultaneously.

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