Who leaked Uvalde hallway video? Uvalde school shooting Leaked video showing police response

Uvalde school shooting Leaked video showing police response

Parts of the video show the 80 minutes between the gunman walking into the school through an unlocked door and his fatal shooting.

 This report contains disturbing video and audio footage. According to the Austin-American Statesman, publishing the video was made to bring attention to what happened at Robb Elementary, which the Uvalde families and friends have been asking for. Our choice was also to show the face of the gunman as he entered this school. We are not allowed to glorify these individuals and give them the notoriety they seek as part of our news organization guidelines. To dispel any conspiracy that we are hiding something, we chose to expose his face in this instance.

Uvalde school shooting surveillance video shows the gunman entering the building with an AR-15 style rifle, and later showing officers in body armor milling outside the classrooms where 19 children and two teachers were killed.

Uvalde school shooting Leaked Video

As shown in a video published by the Austin American-Statesman on Tuesday, nearly 80 minutes passed between the time the gunman walked into Robb Elementary through an unlocked door to the time he was killed.

During the four-minute video from May 24, two officers approach the classrooms and run back amid gunfire shortly after the gunman. The video shows officers massing in the hall before breaking into the room and killing the gunman about an hour later.

Edited footage was released as Texas lawmakers investigate the massacre and prepare to release their findings and show body-camera and surveillance footage to mourning families.

Children are not depicted in the 77 minutes of footage that will be released this weekend, officials said. Seven weeks after the worst school shooting in Texas, anger in Uvalde has been growing over an incomplete account of the slow police response and calls for accountability.

Republican Rep. Dustin Burrows, who is leading the investigation into the shooting, said that video and preliminary findings will be shown to Uvalde residents on Sunday and released publicly soon after. A short segment of the video is now available for the public, but I believe it is also important to watch the entire segment of law enforcement’s response.

The Statesman published 911 tapes of a teacher yelling, “Get down!” “Go to your rooms!” “Go to your rooms!”

A child down the hallway can be seen poking their head around the corner as the gunman approaches the classrooms while shots ring out. In the video, a man wearing a vest that says “sheriff” uses a hand sanitizer dispenser mounted on the wall about 20 minutes before police break into the room.

In the last few weeks, Burrows’ committee has interviewed more than 40 people, including law enforcement officers. In order to get more candor from witnesses, he defended talking to them privately.

Police said last week that Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Busbee opposed the release of the video. In response to a message left with her office on Tuesday, Busbee has not publicly addressed those allegations.

Local and state officials have previously refused to release information about the shooting, including body camera footage, due to the prosecutor’s investigation.

Despite the video’s success, nearly two months after it was released, many questions remain about the police response. School police chief Pete Arredondo took the lead in the massive law enforcement response involving numerous local, state, and federal agencies.

Watch Uvalde school shooting Leaked video

Uvalde school shooting Leaked video
Uvalde school shooting Leaked video

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