Valentine’s Day Lovely Quotes:

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Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14th February, also known as “Feast of Saint Valentine” and “Saint Valentine’s Day.” It began as a Western Christian’s dining experience day regarding a couple of early special people named “Valentinus.”. It perceived as a religious, noteworthy social and business festivity of sentiment and sentimental love in numerous areas of the world.

Valentine's Day

Each year on 14th February, people show and honor their love with their valentines by sending them lovely valentine quotes, chocolates, sweets, and flowers. This Day of love and romance is a great time to share Valentine’s Day messages and beautiful quotes, to all the people you genuinely care about and love. Your affectionating words are better than you send dozens of roses to your love like a typical method. Here are some cute quotes for your valentine to show your feeling about him or her. Instead of messaging him merely, “I love you.“. Perhaps, these romantic quotes of Valentine’s Day to help you find the exact words in a romantic way that matches with your feelings about her.

Valentine’s Day Cute and Lovely Quotes:

  • “To love someone and be loved by someone is only a rare pleasure and delight in the whole life.” said author George Sand.
  • “When to fall asleep is not easy. You realize that you are in love. The truth is at last higher to your dream world.” – Dr. Seuss said.
  • The great Artist Pablo Picasso said: “The best refreshment in the life is a true love.”.
  • An author Hellen Keller wrote: “A thing which cannot be touched or seen is the most beautiful thing. That is true love”. 
  • A Journalist Mignon McLaughlin said: “Falling in love of same person, many times is the exact requirement of a successful marriage.”.
  • The writer Albert Ellis said: “The craft of affection is, to a great extent, the hobby of resolution.”.
  • A comedian Lenny Bruce wrote: “I Love You’s, there are never sufficient.”.
  • A songwriter Katherine Lee Bates said: “A rose planted by love, then it turned into the sweet by the world.”.

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