Vandals painted Historic Plymouth Rock with red spray paint:

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Plymouth Rock is a customary site of disembarkation of Mayflower Pilgrims and “William Bradford.” They established Plymouth Colony in December 1620 century. The Pilgrims didn’t allude to Plymouth Rock in any of their compositions, what’s more, the primary known composed reference to the stone dates to the 1715 century. Around then, it depicted in the town limit records as “an incredible stone.”. The earlier, Plymouth Rock was the landing place of the pilgrims that established by their elder “Thomas Faunce.” From that time to till present, this rock has a famous place in American tradition. The following generations began to say that this rock is not just a rock. It is a symbol of virtues.

Plymouth Rock

The famous Plymouth Rock and different destinations canvassed in red spray painting. On Monday, during a vandalism binge found at the site denoting the arrival of the Pilgrims in Massachusetts 400 years back. On Monday morning, Plymouth’s officials discovered the spray paint. In 2014, someone also painted the word “LIES” on Plymouth Rock. But now the workers removed the spray paint, the letters “MOF” and some numbers “508” found on the Plymouth Rock. Authorizations said that they do not know who did this? The site remains open for the tourists 24 hours each day.

Police and Executive Director of Plymouth:

The executive director “Lea Filson” of local tourism society; said that he is sorrowful to see such rudeness of this historical remembrance. Moreover, in an interview with NBC, she also stated something that the overflowing of concern and outrage regarding to the occurrence has been a positive fulfillment of a negligent signal.

Police are still investigating, and they said that soon, they would find the person who painted this rock. And they also noted that the seashell symbol on the Plymouth Rock is representing the celebration of the upcoming 400th anniversary. 

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