Victims need help after Beirut explosion

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Beirut explosion
Beirut explosion

After the explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut, at least 137 people killed and 5,000 injured. A large population is homeless in the city right now, and the medical system is damaged by the coronavirus, which has caused losses of up to $5 billion.

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different charities from different countries are providing medical care, housing, supplies, and other services locally to help the city recover and rebuild.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that France is organizing an international conference to help increase support for Lebanon after the port of Beirut suffered a devastating explosion on Tuesday.

Macron visited the city earlier in the day and met with the legislature of various political parties and civil society groups.

Macron said that any funds raised for Lebanon at the upcoming international conference would be handled in a “completely transparent” manner.

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The managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that it is time to respond to the severe economic crisis facing Lebanon and urge the two sides to overcome the “stalemate in the key reform discussions.”

Georgieva also called on the international neighborhood and Lebanese friends to step up to help the country at this moment of urgent need.

Lebanon defaulted on part of its debt in March to seek a loan of 10 billion U.S. dollars to the International Monetary Fund, but the rescue negotiations with the International Monetary Fund have reached a deadlock.

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