Video of girl proposing her classmate goes viral. What happened next will surprise you:

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The hottest topic today that has left the web debating is a viral video of a Pakistani girl student proposing to the boy inside the university premises. The video shows a girl taking place on her knees to propose to a boy, who is purportedly her university fellow.

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A section of netizens is additionally questioning the ethical values of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However there also are some who have embarked in support of the students.

With the standard means of proposing suddenly evolving in Pakistan, underneath the influence of our traditions and cultures, Youth tends to search out the foremost distinctive way to express love for each other.

In a latest scene, a viral video of a girl proposing to man she adores going down on her knee which creates storm in the internet.

While the notion of a lady proposing to a boy isn’t new, it’s still quite rare in our society. The video that has been thrust into the spotlight started creating rounds on the Facebook page of the University Of Lahore (UOL).

In a short clip, we tend to get a glimpse of a young girl who goes down on her knee with a bouquet in her hands. The girl then says something however her voice gets sunken  within the cheering crowd which is busy gushing over the lovebirds. Next, the couple embraces and therefore the video ends.

While the super loveable reaction is certainly winning hearts, the girl is certainly shattering stereotypes that recommend that to realize your soulmate is when a men shows love first.

The Internet is split over two opinions of the general public show of fondness. A bunch of keyboard warriors believe that such proposals don’t seem to be acceptable inside Pakistan and have deemed the proposal disgraceful.

Video of girl proposing her classmate goes viral
Video of girl proposing her classmate goes viral

Some believe that this proposal is that the exploitation of co-education in universities. Others simply realize it empowering since its time folks do not draw back from taking choices of their life. As being rumored the university administration has additionally issued a notification to the scholar to expel them for proposing a boy within the presence of alternative classmates.

Spreading like conflagration, not solely the proposal sparked as debut but also the University of Lahore (UOL) administration additionally expelled both of the students.

As the couple propelled to prominence inside the acculturation community, the lots are curious to understand however their story can unfold more.

Moreover, the institute has taken strict action against the couple as they have broken the rules of university wherever they expelled both of the students from the university. The key reason cited enclosed the general public show of fondness aboard violation of the university’s rules and regulation and failing to seem before the Special Disciplinary Committee.

The debate stands inside the lots wherever a majority extremely discourages such proposals, deeming the proposal disgraceful. Others believe that everything is honest soft on and realize the general fondness empowering.

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