Vikrant Rona Day 10 Box Office Collection: Kiccha Sudeep’s Film Falls Short!

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vikrant rona

Vikrant Rona box office receipts on the tenth day: Kiccha Sudeep’s science fiction film began well at the box office, but it appears to be losing momentum presently. It has earned less than two crores daily over the past two or three days.

Vikrant Rona concluded its extended opening weekend with about 50 crores in box office earnings. The week before last, the action-adventure thriller starring Kiccha Sudeep had a solid beginning but a significant drop on day two. Although there was some gain over the weekend following a bad Friday, it didn’t matter much because the company ultimately collapsed on Monday, crushing any remaining optimism.

Vikrat` rona box office collection

Vikrant rona

The film grossed 1.11 crore on Thursday and 93 lacs on Friday. In addition, on Saturday and Sunday, it earned 1.52 million and 2.21 million, respectively. On Monday, the film earned 70 lacs, while on Tuesday and Wednesday, it earned 66 lacs and 57 lacs, respectively. Thursday’s sales totaled 44 lacs. This brings the total amount collected to 8,14 crore. According to Amar Ujala, the film earned three crore rupees on its tenth day of distribution in India.

However, the film’s official box office numbers have not yet been released. The film, directed by Anup Bhandari, has performed remarkably well at the box office. The success of the Telugu film is attributable primarily to the film’s technical sophistication and 3D version. Salman Khan, who introduced the film in Hindi, stated that he watched Vikrant Rona the day before yesterday and found it to be an excellent film.

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The actor claimed that Sudeep only showed him the film at home and that he would view it again before its premiere in theaters. He maintained that he observed the rushes during the entire production. Everyone has performed exceptionally well, Salman continued. The picture was launched in theaters on July 28, 2022, and has been engaging audiences ever since. As previously said, the image is anticipated to perform well in the coming days. Stay tuned for additional updates! The subsequent days witnessed a considerable fall in business, which on Thursday was less than half of what it was on Monday. This is unsurprising, considering this trend has recently been observed in numerous Southern films. The tenth-day box office report for Vikrant Rona is available here.

In its second week, the picture has no intense competition. Therefore, weekend ticket sales may increase. However, this will have little effect on the film’s conclusion, which is expected to earn between 78 and 80 crores. The only shining example is the Telugu version of the film, which made roughly 8.5 crores in 10 days.

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