Virgin Voyages cancels cruises, until May

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Virgin Voyages has moved the launch of its first ship, the Scarlet Lady, to May 9, 2021, more than a year earlier than the launch date originally scheduled to be announced on Wednesday.

Virgin Voyages CEO Tom McAlpin said in an interview,

“This is heartbreaking; this is our baby.”

For the cruise, company supported by Richard Branson, this year is expected to be an exciting year.

The company plans to debut its first ship, the Scarlet Lady, which is scheduled to depart from Miami on April 1. However, the launch date was obscured by the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought the cruise industry to a standstill until January 1-although some cruise lines have canceled cruises after that date, some of them plan to resume operations in March.

McAlpin said, “Of course, we never really had a chance to start this business, we just prepared to go to New York and launch… when the COVID went bankrupt.” Cancel the launch of the “Scarlet Lady” and remove it when the coronavirus begins to spread. The ship turned to sail south.

Two days before the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued the “No Navigation” order on March 14, Virgin Voyages canceled the navigation.

McAlpin added that the launch of the brand needs to be done “at the right time” to “set the right tone.” April 2020 is not the right time.

As a result, the company’s revenue was “zero.” McAlpin said that he did not give specific figures to illustrate the monetary loss caused by the delay of more than 13 months, but said it was “significant.”

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However, although COVID-19 is a setback for Virgin Voyages as the entire cruise industry, McAlpin is not worried about its future.

Like other cruise companies, the company announced plans to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on board and begin to spread on board during the summer vacation. The company is working with the CDC to adopt a gradual approach to cruise.

McAlpin said, “We want to choose a very realistic date so that we can plan around that date, and our (passengers) can plan around that date.”) Moreover, our crew. “

The cruise line also postponed the launch of the second “Valiant Lady” ship scheduled to be launched in May until November 14, 2021, and the ship will spend its inaugural season in the Caribbean instead of sailing in the Mediterranean as planned.

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