Wallflower: Ezra Miller Choked a Women, Video Gone Viral

Wallflower: In a bar in Reykjavik (the largest city of Iceland), Ezra Miller appeared to choke a woman. And on Sunday night video gone viral on Twitter.

Credit: Golden Wing (YouTube.com)

A short introduction about Ezra Miller:

Ezra Miller is working in the American film industry as an actor, and his complete name is “Ezra Matthew Miller.”. Miller was born in New Jersey. 

Born: September 30, 1992     Current Age: 27 years

Height: 1.8 m        TV shows: Californication

Upcoming movies: The Flash, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3

Nationality: American

Ezra Miller featured Kevin in the show We Need to Talk About Kevin and co-featured in the film adaption of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Variety.com confirmed that the incident happened on 1st April at 6:00 p.m. And late Sunday night, a fifteen-second clip of that incident went viral on Twitter with the trending name of Ezra Miller. 

Ezra Miller Choked a Women
Credit: talentrecap.com

Many people took it as a joke. But this was a serious matter at the bar, and Ezra Miller was accompanied off the premises.

A man appeared in that video, who was saying: Oh, you want to fight? That is what you want to do? to a young lady, who seems, by all accounts, to be tongue in cheek, setting herself up for a fight and is grinning.

After this, Ezra Miller moved towards the lady, grabbed her neck, and threw her on the ground. And at that point, the cameraman said Woah, bro, bro, and suddenly stopped shooting the video.

Ezra Miller’s fans reaction on this incident:

A detailed story about this fight is not yet released. And also, Ezra Miller did not pass his comments on this video clip. 

Miller under the fire, after gone viral
Credit: Globalnews.ca

A few fans compared his behavior with his role as a psychopath in the thriller, We Need to Talk About Kevin. While on the other hand, many fans are still waiting for the complete news to pass their judging comments about Miller.

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