Walmart cutting hours at stores to fight Coronavirus

Due to fear of coronavirus, Walmart decided to cut store hours starting this Sunday. Walmart is cutting down the hours due to coronavirus across the US. Stores usually open 24 hours, but now, stores will open only 17 hours from 6 am to 11 pm. Many other stores also reduce their hours. The company will follow this until further notice.


Dacona Smith, executive vice president of Walmart US, said in a blog post that that would help ensure associates were able to stock the products his customers were looking for and to perform cleaning and sanitizing.
He is not implementing this to all his five thousand plus stores. Walmart said that the stores that function under more reduced hours would keep their current hours of operation. For example, Some stores usually close at open at 7 am or close at 10 pm.

Smith wrote in his blog that he made that move, associates would remain to work the hours and shifts according to the schedule, and his supply chain and trucking fleet would remain the same. They would deliver to stores on their daily plans.

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