Walmart shooting at Duncan Oklahoma

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Walmart shooting at Duncan Oklahoma

Shooting on a Monday morning was reported at Walmart shooting, Duncan Oklahoma leaving at least three people dead.

Just before the shooting at the Duncan, the officials received the phone call at 10 a.m. According to reports, three people were shot dead in the Walmart store on Monday morning.

The suspect killed himself with the handgun at the spot:

According to people at the scene, a gunman opened the fire on two people sitting in the car outside the Walmart store based in Oklahoma. The brutal shooting killed the target, and the shooter killed himself later. Danny Ford, the Police Chief of Duncan police told media about the call received about the incident that took place in the parking lot of the Walmart store at Duncan.

The shooter had a handgun from which he opened the fire at the people in the car. It is still not clear to the police whether the shooter fired after walking up to the car or he fired them from another vehicle, Ford said.

The police received a handgun from the incident which made it clear that which weapon the suspect used for brutal shooting. The aerial footage of the incident was also received which showed the formation of the crowd at the incident right after the shooting stopped.

Three casualties confirmed due to Walmart shooting:

The Police confirmed three casualties as a result of Walmart shooting at Duncan. The news of the shooting was also confirmed by the Highway Patrol of Oklahoma.

According to authorities, two people found dead in the car were a man and a woman. Another man was found dead outside the car in the parking lot of Walmart store. The suspect is one of those three people who were killed as the result of the Walmart shooting. The suspect killed himself apparently after killing the two people in the car.

The victims and suspect had a relationship:

The two people found dead in the car were sitting on the driver’s side and the passenger seats. According to Ford, the suspect knew the victim as it seems like a personal fray. However, the relationship between the suspect and the victims cannot be guessed at this moment.

The victims of the Walmart shooting were returning after shopping the retail store. They just sat in the car when the incident of the shooting came about. Ford reported in a press conference to the media that the shooter had never entered the Walmart on the day of shooting and he was outside waiting in the parking lot for the victims to kill them. The victims of the incident were also reported to be the current of Former employees of Walmart.

Victims were killed with many shots:

According to the report published by Duncan Police, the bullet holes as the result of shooting can be seen in the car. There were visible holes on the windshield of the car, doors and also on other parts which clearly indicates that the suspect fired them from outside the vehicle. The police are not sure about the number of fires shot on the victims. However, by looking at the holes in the car, the Police have accounted for nine shots. Shooting the victims with multiple shots clears that the suspect was intended to kill the victims.

The police in Duncan are talking with witnesses for collecting more information about the incident.

The police have collected some surveillance videos also. The motive of the suspect behind killing the victims is not clear. The Duncean Police does not know what was going through the head of the suspect when he performed this brutal act, Ford said.   

Walmart Shooting
Walmart shooting at Duncan Oklahoma Image Credit Los Angeles Times

Walmart shooting was not an active shooting:

The Walmart staff and officials were also investigated about the incident. The authorities claimed to have received no threats before the shooting that makes this the Walmart shooting an isolated incident.

The shooting was not an active shooting. The store was not evacuated by the shooter which clearly explains his intentions, LeMia Jenkins says.

According to Duncean Police, the victims of the incident have been identified by the Police, but their identifications have not yet been released publically. The Ford also showed regretful feelings for the families who have this kind of loss.

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