Think Your Walmart Transform Store Parking Into Drive In Movie Theater

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Think Your Walmart Transform Store Parking Into Drive In Movie Theater

Just before the weekend of July 4, Wal-Mart declared that it has established a partnership with Tribeca Enterprises. (the most famous contractor of the film festival of the same name). which aims to transform 160 stores into movie theaters that are temporarily driven into.

what is Walmart?

Walmart is a huge chain store that has always had a place in the movie industry. its stores provide many economical alternatives for DVD and Blue-rays movie fans. Due to the pandemic situation, the business plans to convert more than 160 parking lots into temporary drive-in theaters.

so their status in the industry is currently changing.

what is walmart?
what is walmart?

new plans:

This move is an addition of the existing Tribeca-led tax exemption plan, which has already announced a few in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Seattle, and Arlington, Texas with the help of IMAX and AT&T Events held in the city. The Hollywood reporter introduced the new plan in more detail. Details are still scarce, but the participation of such an omnipresent retailer can help expand the program to communities outside the aforementioned city centers.

covid 19:

Wal-Mart Motors entered the company and took some smaller-scale initiatives that have revived most of the extinct categories because it is understandable that as COVID-19 continues to soar across the country, consumers are the theater experience is cautious. Most theaters rely on older movies-in fact, Jurassic Park, with the power of new trends, recently ranked first in the US box office nearly 30 years after its release.

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screening time:

Walmart screening time is from August to October, Tribeca in charge of the film. The schedule has not yet been announced, but Tribeca’s previously announced shortlist includes Selena, bodyguard, straight outta Compton, Creed, Jerry Maguire, Space Jam, Love and Basketball, Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure, back to the future, mean girls, super bad, girl trip, bridesmaid, Talladega night, the fast and furious, Goldfinger, Royal Casino, inside out, Lego movies and spy kids.

want to see a movie:

If you are a movie fan and living in these states like Arlington, Texas; Orchard Beach in Pasadena, California, Nassau County, New York, and Bronx, New York, you will be able to watch these entertainment classics.

creative solution:

Interestingly, with the recent surge of coronavirus cases in the United States, whether this trend will expand and the industry will not return to normal soon, which is encouraging, and the company is embracing this creative solution to be in the market Spread some joy.

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