Walmart will close on thanksgiving day

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Walmart announced that it will close its stores this year on thanksgiving day for the first time. This is the first time in more than 30 years.

Walmart, the world largest retailer

Walmart is the world largest retailer. They decided when retailer are rethinking their plans for shopping on this holiday as coronavirus spreading crazily all over the world, Walmart will close it’s all stores to protect people and to defeat coronavirus.

Walmart will close on thanksgiving day
Walmart will close on thanksgiving day

Walmart kept its stores open since started

Walmart kept its stores open, even when it started. The closures will affect both groups, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. Walmarts Sam club chain is his historically has closed on thanksgiving day.

Tension among retailers and Labors

Closing on this holiday spread a layer of tension between retailers and also labors. Many stores are now planning to open their stores to gain higher sales on black Friday its generally considered the start of will end on shopping rush.

Critics have argued that workers should stay at home with their families instead of dealing with the risks of coronavirus. We know that this year is kinda sickening for us. But this step will allow workers to stay at home and spend their valuable time with their loved ones.

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Furner statement

Furner also said the best retailer is going to spend almost $428 million dollars on special bonuses for all workers including part-time and full time. This bonus is for all the workers who work hard and deal with the risk of coronavirus. Workers who are work per hour will receive $300 and part-time and temporary workers will receive $150.

The company said that this bonus will only apply to those employees who hired from July and work hard for the company and will be paid out in August. It’s a third round of bonuses for their employees, company says. From the start of the pandemic, nearly 1 billion Walmart spent on its employees.

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