Walter Mercado, Remembered, With ‘Mucho Mucho Amor’

Mucho Mucho Amor
Mucho Mucho Amor


When you’ve seen Mercado “Mucho Mucho Amor”, you remember him: Nearly consistently decked out in an extravagantly designed cape, and typically wearing three or four pieces of jewelry and twice the same number of rings, he blended Vegas-style dramatic skill with enchantment and thoughtfulness.

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The counsel he has given out for each celestial sign concentrated on positive characteristics, and he asked his watchers to take advantage of every day.

He would close down with a far-reaching blessing that appeared to be intended to cause everybody to feel better about everything: “Mucho, mucho amor!”

The Legacy of Walter Mercado is a private representation of Mercado, covering everything from his childhood in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to his initial vocation.

As an artist and stage entertainer, to his possible ascendence to worldwide acclaim—and, obviously, his decay from the spotlight. 

“Walter is such a positive figure.

“Walter is such a positive figure. He doesn’t care to harp on the negative components of his life,” Tabsch says. “

That was in all probability the hardest thing to get him to open up about, those problematic years with his battles in court.

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We experienced two years with Walter shooting. So at that time, we got his trust. That was central to get the passageway that we did—to get the man behind the cape, possibly.”As it were, Mucho Mucho Amor was set up as a rebound story.

a serious fight in court

Here was this tremendous star who endured not just a serious fight in court over his agreement and the rights to his name, yet additionally a coronary episode not long after it was finished.

Notwithstanding the vocation misfortunes, Mercado never blurred from his fans’ psyches. Costantini and Tabsch caught the lead up to a broad show of Mercado’s life and vocation at HistoryMiami Museum last August.

first significant open appearance

It was his first significant open appearance in quite a while, and his delight of as yet having the option to impact such a significant number of

individuals across such a large number of ages is one of the all the more contacting minutes in the doc. 

Notwithstanding, only three months after the show, Mercado died.

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