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Walter is a simple canine with a profound appreciation for fire engines and monster trucks. furthermore, has additionally been associated with carrying out different atrocities in the Bosnian war.

Walter the dog has likewise been found attempting to enter the United States (By personal luxury plane) illegally with 400 tons of weed on him 5 times in the previous year. 3 out of the 5times, Walter has been gotten with male prostitutes also.

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Walter’s appearance starts Julius the Bull Terrier in which Nelson straightforwardly faces the camera and his ears are stowed away from see. Walter’s appearance gives a shocking way into the mind of the disturbed. His eyes – twin pits into the interminable chasm of cheems – only identify movement. Thusly, they resemble the eyes of the T-Rex, another summit hunter. Walter also has an enormous round rash around his huge nose since he nods off with different canines’ testicles all over.

Walter Dog Selfie

Taking his character from his namesake, Walter Clements, Walter is a straightforward character who talks short of what he acts. At the point when he talks, however, he frequently shows his profound love for fire engines and beast trucks. Despite being a husk of his previous self, Walter is a thoughtful soul with profound familial bonds. He beyond a doubt focuses on his dad and mom. Walter additionally values his companions immensely as they encouraged him through a harsh period in his life after he and his family needed to move towns and he was the newcomer. He fears his cousin Wiley. Despite his adoration for loved ones, Walter holds profound feelings of resentment against any outsiders who he thinks have violated him, going to boundaries that incorporate different blameless people; venturing to such an extreme as to hold youngsters at gunpoint as an approach to fight Rule 7 being started by the Mods.  Has Also given indications of schizophrenia and is by all accounts in a risky mental state after the injury of submitting ghastly activities from before.

Walter was brought into the world at some point in the mid-1980s to Walter Clements Sr. also, Meredith Abdullah Mohammed Aethelfrith Clements. One night during the 1990s, a house fire began after his dad, Walter Clements Sr., neglected to totally hit out his cigarette prior to destroying it. After extra oil in the garbage bin from his mom, Meredith’s cooking was touched off, the little fire immediately spread all through the entire house. Walter, who was utilizing the latrine in the wake of awakening from his rest, before long got entangled in the restroom as flares arrived at his room. Walter called out in dread for his dad who immediately raced to his guide and hauled him out of the house just for Walter to fall after breathing in a lot of smoke. Fortunately, with fire engines on the scene to battle the burst, Walter and his family was hurried to the medical clinic where he made a full recuperation. After this second, Walter’s adoration for fire engines started because of their fundamental job in saving the two his and his dad’s life from the housefire.

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