Washington: New Supreme Court judge elected as the face of Amy Coney Barrett

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New Supreme Court judge elected as the face of Amy Coney Barrett
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., right, administers the judicial oath to Judge Amy Coney Barrett in the East Conference Room of the Supreme Court Building. Barrett’s husband, Jesse M. Barrett, holds the Bible. (Fred Schilling/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States/AP) | image credit Washington Post

Amy Coney Barrett took oath as Supreme Court 115th Judge on Tuesday morning by reciting it loudly in front of all media and Chief Justice John Roberts. The oath ceremony was held in the East Conference room of court.

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A photo was especially shared on social media where she raised her hand and smiling, her left hand was placed on the Bible. Amy’s Husband took the oath and all the participants were wearing masks at that time. Supreme Court’s all judges were participating in that oath, Barrett said in a speech that it was my separation from my duties as a political personality, I know judges don’t face elections but we work for all Americans.

There’s something that is hiding from us? A question came into all media influencer minds that what’s the actual reason behind her sudden joining, just a day before the election. Isn’t it seems strange or, it’s just a regular thing. She wanted to serve court till her last breath. Let’s see what is the future of the Supreme Court?

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Isn’t she rescuing herself from elections?

Rumors are taking places in this situation that why it happens? She wants to rescue herself from this aka elections situation or she in actuality wants to spend her precious life and time for the Supreme Court. Or, she is trying to rescue President Donald trump because she mentioned in her several speeches that she is going to left politics and she will never participate in political circumstances. She had been greeted for rescuing herself from this political situation that is going on peak these days.

New Supreme Court judge elected as the face of Amy Coney Barrett
New Supreme Court judge elected as the face of Amy Coney Barrett

Who is Amy Coney Barrett? Amy Coney Barrett, 48, is an American lawyer who serves for Supreme Court born in New Orleans, Louisiana. First baby, she completed English Literature and was still named as a perfect and most outstanding English department graduate. She served as an associate professor in Law at George Washington University first. and then, after completing her education she started her judicial career and now she is selected as a Supreme Court Judge a perfect place to identify herself in front of all of us.

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