Elon Musk Leaked Video about Project Veritas

Elon Musk‘s recent tweet regarding #TwitterAllHands has been leaked, where the tech CEO addressed employees regarding the company’s future and what he wants to happen. In a private meeting, the Tesla executive said he wanted to allow “free speech” on the platform.

Elon Musk Leaked: Project Veritas Leaks #TwitterAllHands

  According to a tweet by Lydia Letterman, the video below is a clip from “Project Veritas.” The video contains a copy of Musk’s statement regarding free speech on Twitter, an idea he hopes to instill in the future. During the #TwitterAllHands event, where Musk addressed the employees in a town hall meeting, a video leak from Project Veritas was captured.

Watch Elon Musk Leaked Video about Project Veritas
Elon Musk Leaked Video about Project Veritas

The town hall meeting Musk held with existing Twitter employees prompted many comments and opinions, and it addressed a massive question, particularly about Twitter’s future. The tweeter appreciated what Musk is doing, saying the same things privately as he does publicly through his platform.

Musk Talks About Free Speech in Private Address

  Using his official Twitter account, the tech CEO responded to the leaked video and confirmed what he said during the town hall. It is here he shows what he wants the public to know about what he said there. Despite the meeting being exclusive to Twitter employees, Musk did not seem to mind that an online entity leaked a part of his interview via the town hall meeting.

Elon Musk and Twitter’s Free Speech Coming

As Twitter is still a publicly traded company, it is available to investors and board members as a free-speech platform that would be better than before. While the new direction will focus on adhering to rules and regulations in the platform, it will still respect freedom of speech, and its censorship will be limited to the law.

After nine years of public outing and listing in the market, the social media platform is entering a new era thanks to Elon Musk’s decision to take it private. A personal platform would ensure its owner has full control of the website, which Musk aims to turn into a free platform that allows all to voice their views on the internet.

Often, different people have different opinions about a subject, and Musk plans to allow conversations and discourses online about that subject.

After Musk addressed Twitter employees during a town hall-style meeting, the CEO said in private that the platform is a free speech platform that encourages all sides to voice their opinions. Considering Twitter is the modern free speech platform for all, it wouldn’t favor one side over the other.

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