Emmanuel Lwasa Leaked Viral Video Leave Twitter and Reddit

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has issued an official statement. A video was recently leaked onto all social media sites and has since gone viral, being watched by thousands of people. Netizens began speculating about the man in the video after the video went viral. 

A number of posts on social media claim and mention the name Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. Based on social media posts.

What was his take on the viral video? Here’s what Emmanuel had to say about it. We will provide you with Emmanuel Lwasa’s statement in the following sections.

Identify Emmanuel Lwasa or whoever is in the video. Go to the bottom of the page.

Who Is Emmanuel Lwasa?

Emmanuel Lwasa, the business tycoon who made the leaked video, clearly distanced himself from it in a recent interview. Twitter and other social media platforms are abuzz over the leaked video, the source said.

Since the video is being shared under the name Emmanuel Lwasa, it is no doubt receiving a lot of interest. He has however stated clearly that he has no connection with the leaked video.

Emmanuel Lwasa Video Leaked

On Thursday, Emmanuel Lwasa’s Leaked video surfaced on the web, according to a source. Emmanuel Lwasa is quite popular, and thanks to this popularity, the video has garnered a lot of views and impressions since it was leaked online.

Here’s what Emmanuel Lwasa had to say about this video while thrashing all the claims.

Emmanuel Lwasa Leaked Video Explained

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa was called by Radio Simba’s presenter and asked to respond to the matter and give his final verdict on the video. Emmanuel Lwasa said he knows nothing about the person in the video.

In addition, he said that people who are spreading false rumors and attempting to ruin my image should go ahead with the act if it can help solve the economic crisis.

Emmanuel Lwasa Leaked Video

Emmanuel Lwasa Leaked Video
Emmanuel Lwasa Leaked Video

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