Watch Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Shooting Leaked CCTV Video

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Watch Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Shooting Leaked CCTV Video

Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe died after being shot during a speech in western Japan. Abe was shot from behind while campaigning for a parliamentary election in Nara.

Upon arriving at Nara Medical University, he failed to show any vital signs and was subsequently pronounced dead. A police officer in Nara arrested a suspected gunman who was carrying a homemade, double-barreled firearm.

Shinzo Abe’s assassin used a handmade firearm

As Shinzo Abe campaigned for a parliamentary election, a gunman shot and killed him. His death shocked a country where guns are tightly regulated and political violence is almost unimaginable.

Approximately five and a half hours after the shooting in Nara, Abe, 67, was pronounced dead. The weapon, believed to be a homemade one, was found in the possession of a 41-year-old man arrested by the police.

“I am simply speechless over the news of Abe’s death,” Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Abe’s protege, told reporters.

At the time, Kishida struggled to control his emotions as Abe lay in hospital, trying to be revived by doctors.

“This attack is an act of brutality that happened during the elections – the very foundation of our democracy – and is absolutely unforgivable,” he said.

When two shots rang out outside a train station where Abe was speaking, he was making a campaign speech. A gray T-shirt and beige trousers-wearing man was then tackled by security officials.

Abe was photographed lying face-up on the street by a guardrail with blood on his white shirt, according to the Kyodo news service. A heart massage was being administered by one of the people crowded around him.

Abe showed no vital signs when he was taken to the hospital in cardiopulmonary arrest. In the early hours of the morning (0803 GMT), he bled to death from deep wounds to the right side of his neck and heart.

A televised news conference by Nara Medical University Hospital emergency medicine professor Hidetada Fukushima revealed that he had received more than 100 units of blood in four hours.

Watch Shinzo Abe Shooting Leaked CCTV Video

Shinzo Abe Shooting Leaked CCTV Video
Shinzo Abe Shooting Leaked CCTV Video

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