Watch Kenna Heminger Baby Video On Twitter & Reddit Left The Netizens In Rage

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Online users became enraged when Kenna Heminger’s baby video went viral. A video of a baby posted online by Kenna Heminger has been accused of child scenes.

In response to her video, a global discussion about children’s rights and protections erupted.

There was a sense of surprise among online users. She was viciously attacked on social media by some internet users who claimed that she had captured child contro.

TikTok users claim she released an indecent video of a newborn on Snapchat, and as a result, she has been relentlessly attacked online.

On TikTok, a user called @jayzleaa posted Kenna Heminger’s Snapchat story. 

An online user claimed that Kenna Heminger gave a four-month-old baby a toy so that it could suckle.

The plot came from Twitter user @thecornpalace, who said the video was originally released on Snapchat. 

The video has now been reviewed by Snapchat administrators. Kenna Heminger’s friend’s toddler is the son of @throwingknees, an online commenter.

A screenshot from a TikTok video suggests that Alahntae Renville is the mother of the child.

Her child may have been breastfeeding while she laughed in the background, according to online commenters. The allegations, however, were denied by Renville.

There hasn’t been an official statement from Kenna Heminger regarding the video incident.

In light of the video controversy, what does the child’s mother have to say?

In response to the viral video of Kenna Heminger, the child’s mother posted a series of Facebook posts. She wrote in a Facebook post:

‘No, I didn’t permit it. And no, I didn’t realize what was happening until after the video had already been shot. I did take it away from her and speak to her. It’s not as if I was watching her while I was sitting there.’

Additionally, the mother felt that the material posted about her child online. Her uploading it is also a mystery to me.

Another Facebook post refuted claims that she was laughing at the situation:

‘I don’t know how y’all think I’m laughing at the circumstance when it was obviously her laughing.’ You can hear me asking, ‘What’s she doing to my boy?’ if you listen.

The girl who uploaded the video

Originally from the United States, Kenna Heminger lived a regular life. A video she posted of a child made headlines, resulting in online users accusing her of child scenes.

She is supposedly from South Dakota and attends Sisseton College, according to online users. There has been no confirmation of the news, however.

The Twitter account of Kenna Heminger was still active. However, it appears that her Instagram account has been deleted.

Watch Kenna Heminger Baby Video

Watch Kenna Heminger Baby Video
Watch Kenna Heminger Baby Video

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