Niece Waidhofer suicide video leaked online: Model dies by suicide

WATCH: Niece Waidhofer suicide video leaked online: Model dies by suicide

The 31-year-old American model and social media influencer Niece Waidhofer has passed away. Her death was reported two weeks ago, but an obituary notice posted on her friend’s Instagram account revealed the news. According to TMZ, Niece Waidhofer committed suicide before her death, according to her obituary.

Niece Waidhofer’s Suicide Video

A source claims that she suffered from mental health issues for a while, but she always completed her work perfectly. It has been mentioned by her family that she was very proud of the posts she created and the social media platforms she used.

After Niece Waidhofer failed to respond to her family for some time, the police were contacted to reach out to her as they were all outside the station.

As a result, her family reported Niece Waidhofer dead. Since she deleted all her Instagram posts a few days ago, her fans have also been concerned about her condition.

Who was Niece Waidhofer?

The 27th of August 1990 marked the birth of Niece Waidhofer. Originally from the United States, he emigrated to Canada. In addition to having a residency in America, Niece Waidhofer also belongs to the country.

An Instagram star, a social media influencer, and a bikini model, she is widely known for her work on social media. During the “Roast Me” campaign on Reddit, Niece Waidhofer received many cruel comments, which caused her popularity to rise.

Niece Waidhofer Death Video Leaked

Niece Waidhofer could no longer bear the hate she had received back then, so she deleted her account even before reading the comment. The Instagram account of Niece Waidhofer, however, contains numerous photos of her that are classy.

As a model, she had worked in two movies and for a number of magazines. The Legend of DarkHorse County and Project Aether were two of the projects that Niece Waidhofer contributed to. The social media accounts of Niece Waidhofer were always very active.

Thousands of people follow her on Instagram. A number of videos featured her.

Niece Waidhofer suicide video

Niece Waidhofer suicide video
Niece Waidhofer suicide video

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