Watch Peyton Meyer Leaked Video Trending and Viral on Twitter and Reddit

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Watch Peyton Meyer Leaked Video Trending and Viral on Twitter and Reddit

It appears that former Disney star Peyton Meyer and his girlfriend have spoken out about rumors circulating around a video that went viral earlier this week. “Girl Meets World” and “He’s All That” are among Meyer’s most notable roles.

There was a video posted on Tuesday by two unverified TikTok accounts which appeared to belong to Meyer and his girlfriend Taylor Mae LaCour. Several months later appears before the couple gyrates together and rubs LaCour’s stomach as a frame from Squarepants appears.

There is no confirmation or denial by Meyer’s account of whether that was him in the video. Commenters joking about its content were liked – one TikTok user commented “she likes it slow” while another said “pick up the pace” with an emoji representing a tortoise.

In the caption, LaCour’s account claimed to have been “caught in 4K,” which is social media slang for being caught. Commenting, “I like ending it on a slow note,” the account responded to jokes about the “pacing” of the leaked video.

“I love that you guys can joke about it, but I’m not sure why everyone thinks it’s funny.” a TikTok user wrote on the video.

In response, an account purportedly operated by LaCour said “Imagine someone hacking your phone, stealing your identity, and posting all your private information online.”

Insider’s requests for comment were not immediately responded to by Meyer or LaCour.

Peyton Meyer started trending on Twitter after a Leaked video went viral

A Twitter account called “TikTok Leak Room” shared the video earlier this week that fans believed featured Meyer.

According to LadBible, TikTok Leak Room had over 30,000 followers before it was suspended by Twitter. According to the outlet, the account also released leaked videos and images of online celebrities.

A verification of Meyer’s identity hasn’t been possible by Insider.

TikTok users have also gone viral with reactions to the leaked video and warnings that it could ruin their childhood. A total of 7.3 million views were recorded on Tuesday from four videos depicting TikTok users looking shocked with the “Girl Meets World” theme music playing. 

Watch Peyton Meyer Leaked Video

Peyton Meyer Leaked Video
Peyton Meyer Leaked Video

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