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I’d like to share with you a viral account with the username deepfakes community that has been getting some traction due to some of the activities undertaken by the handler.

A former account has been deemed an SFW account with a claim that it is safe for work, despite having provided unique content.

Subreddits like this were started in response to the removal of the original, See Who is s_hades 1’s viral videos for more information.

On Monday 13th June, the prominent user began archiving some images and welcoming all visitors to their account. The account ban was explained further in the message.

Also mentioned were the guidelines against involuntary films that were violated by the user. While popular secured platforms don’t get huge exposure for the famous account’s sub-page, the last Wayback machine image was taken around 10 days ago on 3rd June 2022.

As shown in the image, at one point around 3,095 people were reading the sub.

As of Monday, 13th June 2022, a report reported that the sub archive had fetched 2,827 readers, even more than DeepFake’s original community.

s_hades1 Leaked Video
s_hades1 Leaked Video

At the time of the conversion, there were 16,636 subscribers to r/SFWdeepfakes, which has been one of the most popular legalized SFW deepfakes communities.

Based on the Reddit guidelines, r/deepfakes is determined not to upload, but to plead deepfake motions instead. There are some images and videos circulating fake videos that are considered violations of the guidelines of the significant social media platform.

If we discuss deep fakes more, it’s considered as a serious cybercrime that involves replicating some strange activities through tools like artificial intelligence, Photoshop, and machine learning in order to temper someone’s identity.

Videos and other materials are being made with this program by many users. Keep an eye on Trending News for more information until then.

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