senior journalist Ayaz Amir Attack CCTV Leaked Video

“Unidentified men” attacked senior journalist Ayaz Amir on Friday in Lahore, he said in a statement to Dunya News.

As Amir left his office after recording his television show for Dunya News, where he works as a senior analyst, a vehicle intercepted his car, leaving him with bruises on his face.

“A man wearing a face mask emerged from the vehicle and collared my driver.”

“As I questioned the man, a couple of other men also arrived by my side, opened the door of my car and unleashed blows to my face, and dragged me out of the vehicle,” Amir said.

Additionally, he said he was assaulted on the road by the men. The attackers made off with his wallet and mobile phone because the road was crowded, he said.

Several Twitter users posted pictures of a journalist with a torn shirt sitting in a car.

Ayaz Amir had just delivered a speech at the Islamabad High Court Bar Association seminar, which was also attended by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, on the topic of “Regime Change and its Fallout on Pakistan”.

Amir’s speech went viral on social media and was widely shared by senior journalists, including a critique of the military establishment and a criticism of Imran Khan during his tenure as prime minister.

Imran strongly condemned the “violence” against Amir after reports of the attack spread on Twitter.

“Pakistan is descending into the worst kind of fascism with violence and fake FIRs against journalists, opposition politicians and citizens. When the state loses all moral authority it resorts to violence,” said by PTI chairman Imran Khan.

A report was sought from the inspector general of the Punjab police by chief minister Hamza Shehbaz following the assault.

According to him, the attackers would be arrested and dealt with as soon as possible.

“The incident is highly condemnable. The dispensation of justice in the case will be ensured,” the chief minister added.

Condemnations and calls for immediate action

The attack on Amir was strongly condemned by journalists, lawyers, activists, politicians, and civil society members.

PTI’s Andleeb Abbas said the assault was “truly a pathetic attempt to crush the truth.”


Without naming anyone, she said, “It’s absolutely obvious that neutrality is desperate and would go to any lengths.”

Veteran journalist Mazhar Abbas also called out the attack on Amir, saying “this is unacceptable”.

Ayaz Amir Attack CCTV Leaked Video

Ayaz Amir Attack CCTV Leaked Video
Ayaz Amir Attack CCTV Leaked Video

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