Video Of Star Jordan De Goey Partying With Mystery Woman On Bali Break

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The club says it is aware of a video showing Star Jordan De Goey partying in Bali, but it will comment further “as soon as it is able.”

On Friday, a Video of De Goey started surfacing on social media, appearing to show the Magpies midfielder making crude tongue gestures and mimicking a video to the camera during his mid-season break.

“The Collingwood Football Club is aware of video footage involving player Jordan De Goey that was taken in Bali in recent days,” the statement reads.

The Pies responded to the incident on Saturday morning.

“The club will comment further as soon as it is in a position to do so.”

In spite of being approved by the club, the 26-year-old’s decision to spend the mid-season break in Bali was deemed “stupid” by former Port Adelaide star Kane Cornes.

While Cornes has no problem with players enjoying mid-season getaways, he believes given De Goey’s off-season incident – in which he was temporarily suspended before his charges were resolved – it’s not in the club’s or the 26-year-old’s best interests.

“How could you think going to Bali in the mid-season break when you’re Jordan De Goey was a good idea?” 

Cornes said on SEN’s Whateley.

I don’t care — come for me as hard as you want on this opinion. It is a stupid thing for Jordan De G

oey to do to go to Bali at this stage of his career and at this stage of the season.

“With the issues he’s had overseas before in New York, he remains unsigned, everything is flying at Collingwood. Everything is going beautifully. They’ve forgiven him and he’s been OK, his form is probably playing to 70 percent of his potential and has a level to go.”

“I just think it’s one of the more bizarre decisions that I’ve seen. To think that Collingwood would allow him to do that and people would say ‘hang on, he’s a grown man and he can do what he wants, it’s his four days off’.”

“In the middle of the year? These players get 12 weeks off plus mandatory four-day breaks, I would think if you’re going to do that, that would be a time to do it at the end of the year.”

“Collingwood fans, anyone, come at me as hard as you want, it is a dumb thing for De Goey to do to go to Bali in the middle of the year.”

In a statement released Monday, Geelong captain Cameron Mooney ripped into Collingwood for allowing Jordan De Goey to go to Bali on a mid-season break, calling it one of the bizarre decisions he has ever witnessed.

Video footage on Friday showed de Goey partying at a Bali nightclub and making crude tongue gestures while mimicking, while in another part of the video, an undisclosed figure seems to try to expose them before she pushes him away.

In January, the Magpies decided to drop him after he had been charged, following his arrest in New York.

Despite being in the middle of a four-game winning streak that has thrust them back into finals contention, Collingwood has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

“I am staggered the club let him go. Whatever happens from here, Collingwood it’s on you. It’s the stupidest decision I’ve ever seen a football club make,” the triple-premiership player told Fox Footy Live.

“Eight months ago he was in the US, we know what happened there. He’s come back, he’s playing good footy, the club is playing footy, and now they’ve allowed him to go over there.

“Whether he was going to be stupid or not, just the fact that they let him get on that plane. You’ve made your bed Collingwood, you’re idiots.

“Every player has to tell their club where they’re going in their break. Someone has gone, ‘Bali, De Goey, yep tick. Off you go champ’.”

Star Jordan De Goey Leaked Video

Star Jordan De Goey Leaked Video
Star Jordan De Goey Leaked Video

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