Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock for Oscars Slap Viral Video Clip

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Will Smith

The case of Will Smith and Chris Rocks slapping controversy had opened 4 months ago, and now, after the given period, the incident is smashing headlines all over the world and internet and turning the sudden flow of attention towards itself, which happens to be because, not so long ago, Will Smith has published a video apologizing for the discourteous and cruel behavior towards Chris Rock. As the news is reaching fans and netizens’ ears alike, and very rapidly as it is spreading like wildfire, people are not hesitating in showing their shock towards this news, as they had not presumed an apology from Will Smith about this rude action towards Chris Rock, the thought that “Will Smith would be ashamed of his actions” had not crossed their minds; they didn’t think he would be, so hearing this news was quite a banger, and as we can see, not just to fans, but to the whole world alike. This new piece of astounding information is taking the world by storm. So without further ado, let us dive deeper into this topic. You will find all the information you need about this news below.

Will Smith

As we have gathered from many reliable sources, we know that Will Smith, who has apologized for his less-than-friendly actions, was also ashamed for engaging and participating in such behavior.  Additionally, Smith also told us that he turned reckless and violent. His aura of a professional musician and artist vanished because he was infuriated at how Chris Rock had acted, saying that no one had the right or authority to act that way. Hence, he (Will Smith) had to reply to Chris Rock in the same piercing, insulting way and give him a taste of his own medicine. 4 months have passed since the incident, and Will Smith now has the will, guilt, and shame to publish an apology video to Chris Rock for creating the drama or a terrific hullabaloo at the 94th Academy Awards show ceremony, which was brought to the world on the 27th of March, 2022. 

When and Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock?

Will Smith

Based on reports, this incident that created a whole lot of drama happened on the 27th of March, 2022, the day when the grand ceremony for the 94th Academy Awards was held. When awards were being received, Chris Rock made some very rude and disgusting jokes about Will Smith’s wife and his relationship status Will Smith had faced many ups and downs on this topic. And because of this, Will Smith’s tempers reached the sky, and he got up from his seat to slap Chris Rock, leaving everyone in tremendous shock. Following, many interviews were brought to light from both sides of the conflict, and the issue was trending then, but everyone seemed to have forgotten about it, that is until now. 

This incident was also known as the “Slap that was heard around the world” or the “Slap gate” since even Wikipedia has an entire page about this. On social media, many people and netizens are trying their best to keep up with any news related to this incident as they wouldn’t want to be left out given the news in smashing headlines again. So, we provided you with all the necessary information, but there is still more to be revealed, so stay tuned in with us to keep up with this topic and other news worldwide.

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