Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon mourns the loss of bodies killed in prison attack

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Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon spoke in a trembling voice on Thursday, mourning the disappearance of a police corporal who was killed after a prisoner attacked him in a prison cell Wednesday night.

Bryant Searcy, 50, was cordoning off inmates in Level 2 prison when he was beaten by a 2-year-old 28-year-old prisoner. Napoleon said that before Sisi lost consciousness, there was a struggle.

Due to emergency medical services. He was eventually rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead later that night.

Wayne said: “When you lose an officer in the performance of your duties, whether in a prison facility or elsewhere, it will drag you. It hits you hard. Because you know this could be any of us, of course. Any one.” County Mayor Warren C. Evans said.

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Benny Napoleon told reporters at a press conference

Searcy was a veteran in the department, has a history of 18 years, and a wife and daughter survived.

Benny Napoleon told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that since the pandemic, many prisoners have been expelled from the prison, which now only accommodates 850 prisoners. The sheriff called them “the most dangerous people in America.”

There is a long history of beating Sisi prisoners and felony. He has been transferred elsewhere and is currently under the surveillance of the Detroit Police Department. He will not return to any facilities in Wayne County. Initial investigations revealed that he was not injured in the attack.

Sisi’s death was the second death of the Wayne County Sheriff at the hands of a prisoner. A William Dickerson detention facility in Hamtramck named after the first officer who died in the county where the facility is located.

Napoleon said that during this time the camera was working and investigators had enough lenses to confirm what happened.

The sheriff declined to provide more details about the attack. Several members of the department and other law enforcement agencies visited the hospital where Sisi was staying overnight. Macomb and the prosecutor’s office also received more calls.

Although no fund has been established for the funeral, officials of the Colin Ross Memorial Foundation did establish a link to send donations.

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