Wayne Hawkins, Original Raider Cause of Death What Happened With Him? Dies at 84

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Wayne Hawkins

At age 84, Wayne Hawkins, an original member of the American Football League’s Oakland Raiders, unfortunately, passed away. Wayne Hawkins was a five-time AFL all-star, and the news of his sudden demise deeply disheartened many people. And recently, because of this, the internet has been filled with many condolence messages and posts related to him, filled with respect towards him, to tribute him. Along with this, the search for why Wayne Hawkins died also surfaced.  Well, without any further ado and wasting any more time, let us find out what happened to Wayne Hawkins, how the five-time AFL all-star died, and more information about him. 

We know that Wayne Hawkins died at the age of 84, but that’s all we know, except this, no information regarding his death has been revealed. However, it has come to light that most people believe Hawkins died due to natural causes. Netizens believe that being a victim of his old age(he was in the late 80’s), Wayne must have been facing some health issues. But, no information confirming this or regarding this has been revealed or brought to the limelight. On different social media platforms, the internet has been flooded with condolence messages, tributary posts, and netizens and fans expressing their sadness and grief at his death on different social media platforms. 

 Who was Wayne Hawkins?

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Wayne Hawkins

Wayne Hawkins was born on the 17th of June, in the year 1938, in Jordan. The football player attended Redding High School in Shasta County, which is situated in California. At the University of the Pacific, Wayne Hawkins played collegiate football. Hawkins was selected by the Denver Broncos, in the 1960 American Football League draught. Then, Wayne became one of the 20 players to play in the AFL for the entire 10 years of the league’s existence. Throughout the ten seasons, Wayne Hawkins played, or took part in 136 games, and played for the Raiders, proving what a unique and resilient player he was. Based on what his wife, Kari, tells us, the late footballer went through, experienced, or suffered 20 concussions in his time. We have also been informed or have gathered from reports that Wayne Hawkins once hit his head on the goal post while he was in the middle of playing a game, but even after being struck on the head, he still did not stop continued playing.

Wayne Hawkins

The fact that Wayne had broken his jaw was discovered by his team the next day.  Tom Flores, Jim Otto, Wayne Hawkins, and 17 more players, The 20 players who participated in All 10 of the AFL seasons, even though all of them were teammates with the raiders, Wayne Hawkins was considered the most unacknowledged, uncredited, and uncelebrated member of the Oakland Raiders, who had helped transform the organization into a celebrated, and high-class football power during the 1960s by the Spots Illustrated in 2021. As said before, many, many people have shown their grief, paid him condolences, and made heartfelt posts dedicated to him. Tune in for more news daily. 

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