Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7 “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now” Recap and Review

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Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7
Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7

The seventh episode of Wednesday begins with the mayor’s funeral. Wednesday finds somebody observing the funeral procession from a distance and pursues them into the woods. The unknown individual is revealed to be her uncle, Fester. After a run-in with the cops, he is in town to avoid detection. Wednesday brings him to the school’s Beehouse to ride out the storm.

Her uncle eagerly assists her with the case and provides the monster’s name. The name of the creature is Hyde. He informs her of an antique diary hidden in the Nightshades’ secret room. The journal belongs to a man named Faulkner, who traveled the globe documenting the pariah population.

After the funeral, Enid returns to the room to retrieve the items she left behind; however, on Wednesday, they have another disagreement, and she leaves again enraged.

Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7
Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7

Wednesday visits the secret Nightshade’s room later that night and encounters Xavier. They argue because he believes she is treating him unfairly. He informs her that her issue is that she does not recognize her true pals. He has always been on her side and has saved her life, but she continues to suspect him.

She inquires as to why he continues appearing minutes after monster assaults. He maintains he has never seen the creature despite the fact that he has drawn it. He inquires as to why she believes he has not murdered her, given that she believes he is the monster. She responds that it is likely because he likes her. After Xavier departs, uncle Fester reveals the diary to her.

She takes the journal with her and discovers that Hydes are by nature artists born of mutation. Their monster sides are dormant until a traumatic incident, chemical induction, or hypnosis awakens them. Whoever releases Hyde becomes its master, and she realizes she must find both the beast and its master.

Wednesday spies on Xavier the following morning because she believes he is the monster. She and Fester surreptitiously observe him when he meets Dr. Kinbott in the woods by following him and spying on him. She believes that Dr. Kinbott is the instructor and hurries to inform the school’s principal. She is horrified to discover the therapist in the principal’s office and decides not to provide her any further information.

She visits the café and shows Tyler the diary. His father sees them but decides to ignore him because he is too busy searching for Fester, who allegedly participated in a bank robbery. Tyler asks Wednesday out on a date after the sheriff has left, refusing to accept no for an answer. He is aware that the school is on lockdown, so he pledges to meet her at the Crackstone’s tomb.

She asks Thing to stay behind and watch the diary while she attends the date. Wednesday enjoys the sweet and romantic date that Tyler planned for them in the crypt. Tyler asks her to be more than just friends, but she tries to dissuade him. The cops interrupt their date just as they are about to share their first kiss, as they are searching for Fester.

Wednesday arrives to her room and discovers the missing journal and a stabbed Thing. She rushes him to Fester’s hiding place so that he can be revived. Thankfully, he survives after multiple attempts at resuscitation. Wednesday vows to seek vengeance against his attacker. The next day, she requests that Fester leave the school grounds since the cops are closing in.

Wednesday informs Ms. Thornhill and Larissa that her room was broken into. Larissa is dismayed to learn the diary has disappeared. Wednesday asks her why she never revealed the monster’s true name. Larissa claims she has been attempting to safeguard the institution and its legacy. She inquires as to if Wednesday suspects anyone. Wednesday does not believe that she can trust her, so she leaves.

The following day, Bianca visits Wednesday and informs her that she has information on the killer of the mayor. On his father’s laptop, Lucas discovered some material left by his father. He believes his father recognized Laurel and was going to expose her before she murdered him.

Wednesday resolves to confront Dr. Kinbott, whom she believes to be hyde’s master. The therapist is bewildered by Wednesday’s charges and believes she has finally lost her mind. After Wednesday departs, Dr. Kinbott contacts the principal to lodge a complaint regarding Wednesday’s conduct. She gets assaulted and killed by the monster during a chat.

Wednesday decides to put an end to everything, so she travels to Xavier’s secret painting studio and confronts him. She plants the evidence she has gathered in his studio, resulting in his imprisonment. Despite Xavier’s repeated assertions to the police that he is being framed, nobody believes him. Everyone believes the case to be closed.


Enid and Wednesday make peace that night, and she returns to their former room. Wednesday’s rendezvous with Tyler is discussed, and Enid proposes that she visit him in the cafe. Wednesday approves of Tyler’s decision to work a late-night shift.

Wednesday tells Tyler in the cafe that the event with Xavier has caused her to reconsider whom she can trust. Finally, they kiss, and Wednesday has a vision of Tyler as the monster that murdered Dr. Kinbottle. She flees the cafe gripped by dread, leaving Tyler perplexed as to what went wrong.

Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7 Analysis

Wednesday – Season 1 Episode 7

Xavier was always wary of him because he was constantly late. Timing is crucial because it can prevent you from being framed as a serial killer. Poor guy!

It is frightening that Tyler was the one person Wednesday seemed to trust, yet he was the villain the entire time. Did he genuinely like her, or did he find it amusing to see her chase the monster when he was right under her nose?


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