Wednesday’s “Quid Pro Woe” Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Review

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Wednesday’s “Quid Pro Woe” Season 1 Episode 6

Wednesday begins episode 6 by performing a ritual to call Goody’s spirit so she may assist her in mastering her talents. Her conversation with the dead is interrupted by Enid with an anonymous letter requesting that she meet at Crackstone’s crypt at midnight.

Enid follows Wednesday’s lead, which turns out to be a birthday surprise party for Wednesday. As they sing her happy birthday, she observes that the writing on the old fireplace is identical to the writings that were burned on the school’s lawn. She sees Goody alerting her of Crackstone’s imminent visit in a vision. She asks Wednesday to seek a position in the vision and informs her that, as a raven psychic, she will have a solitary journey that will leave her unable to trust others. She also informs her that time is running out.

Wednesday’s “Quid Pro Woe” Season 1 Episode 6

The following day, Wednesday is still dissatisfied with her surprise birthday party and is unfriendly towards Thing. Enid informs her that the party was her idea and gives her a birthday gift in addition to the one provided by her parents.

Larissa meets the mayor and requests his assistance in locating the perpetrators of the arson attack at her school. The mayor is pleased to comply and informs her that they are attempting to identify those responsible for the recent attacks. He suggests that it could be someone from her school, and Larissa tells him to avoid thinking such notions.

Upon returning to school, Xavier investigates the vision Wednesday had in the crypt. Wednesday believes he is the monster and refuses to provide her with any information. He informs her that she knows where to find him if she changes her mind and requires his assistance.

Bianca observes Lucas performing community service while wearing a bracelet from her mother’s business. She informs him that the so-called self-help application is fraudulent and instructs him to delete it. Later, he invites her out on a date. Later, they meet at the cafe, where they appear to get along well.

Wednesday’s “Quid Pro Woe” Season 1 Episode 6

Later, Wednesday runs across Dr Kinbott when she visits Eugene. He remains in a coma, and his mothers have asked the doctor to examine him when they return home in a few days. She attempts to approach Wednesday, but Wednesday is not seeking a free session, so she withdraws.

As the mayor continues his investigation, he receives the death certificate of Garrett’s allegedly drowned sister abroad. He is skeptical of her demise and wants to ensure that it has no connection to the recent incidents.

Wednesday visits the cafe while in town, and Tyler invites her on a date to celebrate her birthday. She declines, citing a pressing deadline. She shows him the painting of the location Goody requested she locate, but he does not recognize it. She tells him about the writing on the Crackstone’s fireplace as the sheriff enters for his coffee.

She visits Tyler and requests his assistance in locating the location in the drawing. He informs her that it is the former Gates residence and wonders why she is inquiring. Wednesday visits the home the following morning and witnesses the mayor leave the residence. After overhearing his voicemail to the sheriff, she and Thing enter the trunk of his car. He believes he knows who is behind the attacks and requests a meeting with the sheriff at the cafe.

He drives to the cafe oblivious to the fact that Wednesday and Thing are concealed in his trunk. As he crosses the street, a blue Cadillac without license plates strikes him and then flees. Fortunately, he is brought to the hospital and may survive. Wednesday informs the sheriff that everything is connected to the Gates family, but he does not believe her because he is aware that they are all deceased.

The principal is displeased to learn that Wednesday is involved in a fresh incident and decides to implement a full lockdown and suspend off-campus privileges till further notice. Ms. Thornhill comforts Wednesday and offers her the book Frankenstein to cheer her up. She cautions her that she may be expelled if she continues to disobey the principal.

Wednesday contacts Tyler the following morning to inform him that she has reconsidered his date proposal. His father hears the exchange and instructs him to avoid Wednesday. She also manipulates Enid to slip out of school and have a second birthday celebration. They sneak out of school and are picked up by Tyler.

Wednesday Season 1 Episode 6

He was under the impression that they were going on a private date. Enid is upset because she anticipated a night out with the girls. She requests that Tyler take them to the Gates’ residence. Xavier realizes that Wednesday slipped out of school and asks Thing to tell him where she went.

The three of them tour the eerie old estate and discover that Laurel Gates’ chamber has been cleaned. It appears that someone has lived there. Before Enid and Wednesday can investigate further, they hear Tyler yelling for aid and warning them of the creature.

Enid and Wednesday are pursued by the monster through the home and end up in the basement. They discover the trophies the monster took from his victims in the basement. They do not have much time, so Wednesday is compelled to search swiftly before escaping. They leave the house and return to locate Tyler. They discover him alive but with a shoulder bruise. Xavier arrives at the same time and assists them with Tyler. They bring him home, where his father is furious because he is injured.

Wednesday brings him back to the residence, but everything has been removed. The awards and the monster are missing. The sheriff believes she is lying and is furious because she jeopardized the life of his son. He prevents her from seeing Tyler again.

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Wednesday disregarded the principal’s warnings and broke the regulations, infuriating the principal. Wednesday informs her of Rowan’s mother’s prophecy and reveals the painting to her. She requests a second chance to preserve the school, and her request is granted.

She enters her room to discover Enid packing her belongings, as she no longer wishes to share a room with her. She is enraged that Wednesday deceived her and nearly caused her death. She exits the room and instructs Wednesday to enjoy his solitude.

Wednesday acknowledges that being alone in the room is less satisfying than she had anticipated. She sits down and examines the antique music box toy she stole from Laurel’s room, where she uncovers photographs of her shot by a stalker.

Wednesday leaves a note for her stalker after someone sneaks into the mayor’s hospital room and kills him.

The Episode Analysis

Enid was certain to become enraged with Wednesday due to her lack of social skills. She had every reason to be upset with her, as she deceived and endangered her life. Hopefully, they will address their problems soon, but Wednesday has been a delight to watch thus far, with plenty of mystery, twists, and drama.


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