Wednesday Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review, and Explanation of the Finale

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Wednesday's Season 1
Wednesday’s Season 1

They transport him to Xavier’s art studio and chain him to a chair there. Wednesday begins questioning him. Tyler’s mother was a Hide, and she believes Tyler inherited the gene from her. Tyler argues that his father’s social outsider status does not necessarily make him a monster. Wednesday is unmoved by his false cries and opts for “mild torture” instead.


The eighth episode begins with Wednesday confronting Tyler in the woods about being the Hyde. He quickly refutes the charges. He questions why Wednesday would face him alone in the woods if she truly believed he was Mr. Hyde. Wednesday responds that she has brought several sirens with her, and Bianca uses her powers to subdue him.

The sirens did not volunteer to see torture, so they leave her alone and report her to the principle. The principal contacts the sheriff, who listened to Dr. Kinbott’s evaluation of Tyler in therapy. Before her death, the therapist was extremely concerned about the psychological devastation that Tyler’s mother’s passing would cause. After hearing the call, he hurries to save Tyler from Wednesday’s desperate grasp.

The sheriff does not file charges but urges Wednesday not to escalate the situation. Wednesday is about to leave the police station when Tyler requests a private conversation. He admits his guilt and mocks her for being mistaken. He informs her that whenever he committed a murder, he was thrilled by his victim’s terror. He cautions her that she is unaware of upcoming events.

The principal thinks enough is enough and expels Wednesday, instructing her to leave school the next day. Wednesday attempts to persuade her to provide her further time to demonstrate that Tyler is Hyde. The principle declines and expresses disappointment with the outcome.

Desperate, Wednesday sees Xavier in jail. Wednesday was kissing Tyler while he was suffering in chains in a cell. Wednesday informs him that she knows Tyler is Hyde and requests his assistance. He refuses to assist her and informs her that her only option is to leave the city. He informs her that all she has ever done is make life difficult for everyone she has met.

The following morning, Wednesday packs her belongings and prepares to depart. The two exchange a sorrowful farewell. She even bids Bianca and the Nightshades farewell and advises them to be prepared for Tyler’s future plans. Ms. Thornhill also sends her off with a white oleander and her best wishes. She bids farewell to Eugene, who has awakened from his coma, before leaving town.

Eugene describes the night of his attack and claims to have seen the boots of the person who set fire to the monster’s cave. The boots were red, and he does not believe that Dr. Kinbott is the perpetrator. Wednesday learns that Ms. Thornhill is the only person she has seen wearing red boots.


She returns to the school and confronts the student. Wednesday informs her that Tyler told her everything. She introduces Larissa, the principal who has transformed into Tyler.

Ms. Thornbill admits and requests “Tyler” to kill Wednesday when confronted with Wednesday’s plain facts. After hearing the confession, Larissa reverts to her human form and requests Ms. Thornbill’s alias Laurel’s assistance. She repeats the murder by injecting Larissa with deadly nightshade poison and striking Wednesday with a spade. She takes Wednesday to the crypt of Crackstone and binds her there.

The thing goes to Edin for assistance and describes the issue to her, as Eugene anxiously listens in on the video chat.

Ms. Thornbill discusses her plan to eliminate the school in the crypt. She intends to return to Crackstone utilizing the body parts Tyler gathered from his victims. Goody not only murdered Crackstone, but she also cursed his soul. Ms. Thornbill plans to use Wednesday to unseal the blood lock on the sarcophagus in which Goody has imprisoned Crackstone. Wednesday is the key to unlocking the door because she is Goody’s living descendent. Ms. Thornbill must perform the rite on the night of a blood moon, so all systems go.

In the interim, the sheriff receives a phone call from one of his officers informing him that Eugene’s parents suspect that something is up at Nevermore. All of her and other police’ automobile tires have been cut, preventing them from reaching the school in time. On his route to transfer Xavier to prison, the sheriff decides to visit the school.


Ms. Thornhill begins her ritual, arousing Crackstone, who vows that his retribution will be rapid and accurate. Wednesday attempts to confront him, but he stabs her, after which they abandon her for dead. Goody appears and instructs her on how to fight Crackstone. She instructs her to wear the charm necklace that her mother gave her. Goody will be able to travel through Wednesday and heal her thanks to the talisman, but she will never be able to see Wednesday again. Wednesday agrees, and Goody heals him.

Enid mobilizes the Nightshades, and the Sirens agree to evacuate the school using their abilities. While rushing to save Wednesday, Enid begins to gorge herself. Wednesday, after being cured, rushes to stop Crackstone but encounters Tyler. He transforms and attacks her, but Enid comes in her wolf form and engages the monster in combat.

In contrast, the sheriff changes his mind and decides to track down Tyler’s location. He locks Xavier in his car and flees into the woods, but Thing frees him. He observes the battle between the beast and the wolf. After getting shot in his monster form, Tyler reverts to his human form and returns to the fight.

Meanwhile, Wednesday and Crackstone engage in a nasty battle at school. Bianca and Xavier attempt to aid her, but Crackstone’s strength is too great. Wednesday recalls what Goody told her regarding the defeat of Crackstone and stabs him in the heart. He vanishes into thin air, but the battle is far from done as Ms. Thornhill charges in with a revolver. Eugene releases his bees to attack her, and with his assistance, the school is saved.

How is Wednesday concluded?

Wednesday completes her manuscript, and she and Enid pay their respects in the principal’s office. They understand that she would be missed and respect her sacrifice for the institution.

The remainder of the semester’s classes are canceled, and Enid invites Wednesday to San Francisco. Wednesday thanks Bianca for her assistance, and it appears like they may begin to get along. Wednesday also speaks with Xavier, and they resolve their differences. He hands her a phone and requests that she text him at some point. He asks if she will return for the next semester, but she does not respond.


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