Wendy Williams’ mother Shirley Skinner Williams has passed away

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The star confirmed on a talk show on Monday morning that Wendy Williams’ mother Shirley Skinner Williams had passed away.

Wendy Williams’ mother Shirley Skinner Williams has died
Wendy Williams’ mother Shirley Skinner Williams has passed away

“She is dead. My mother passed away many weeks ago,” the 56-year-old star did when she wore a dark satin dress. “Do you know how you forget the time and date? All I know is a long time ago. Five of us personally, my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, the five of us-she will always be here.

Personality made her mother “dead beautifully and peacefully”, surrounded by love. She did not suffer, thank God.

Wendy added that after she went to college, the relationship between them became closer. They are like two teenage girls, like “17 years old”.

The actress added that she will keep her son strong because this is the first death of a family member he has experienced. Her son is 20-year-old Kevin Hunter.

Wendy said that she would not cry on TV for her son. She was proud to shed a tear on TV.

Wendy also said that she was talking to her mother “loudly” and she heard what her mother would say.

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Then Williams held a cup of coffee, burst into tears, and said that her mother “admired me very much because I chose my university.” She added that her mother said she liked the way Wendy left the University of New Jersey.

Wendy said Shirley was enrolled in King’s University.

Later she said in the opening speech “life could be worse”, and then she added, “No, this is the worst case.”

A news reporter named Courtney Brown, a long-term family friend, originally shared the news.

Shirley taught in New Jersey, where she worked with Wendy’s siblings Wanda and Thomas to improve the level of talk show hosts.

The maternal parent left her child and her spouse Thomas Williams.

Shirley often appears on The Wendy Williams Show and sometimes serves as a co-host.

Brown said Shirley and her grandmother were close friends in 1983.

According to Ms. Noire, Shirley is a learning disability resource specialist at Bradley School in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The black woman added that Shirley is a member of the Black Sorority, Alpha Capa Alpha Sorority.

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