Western Gateway: “A powerful factory waiting to happen”

Helen Dunmore
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The new cross-border partnership between business leaders will “speak with one voice” so that Westminster hears the priorities of the region’s economy.

In July 2019, the vision to promote the improvement of infrastructure, investment, internationalization. And inclusive growth in seven cities along the M4 corridor was revealed for the first time.

It was previously reported that the partnership will become a puzzle in the British economic landscape to compete with it and the engine of the central region.

The staff behind the project of western gateway said:

“that as the corporate world hopes to overcome the challenges posed after the coronavirus crisis”. The need for a strong unified voice has never been more important.

Bennett said at an online business conference hosted by Business West:

 “We really believe that we have a lot of great things to do. As a business leader, I am passionate and think that business usually follows business and. I am very eager to be with me A large number of business ambassadors working.

“The only way I can do it is that we have a leadership team that will work alongside us and try to show how the West of England allows us all to live. I am happy and proud to work and contribute to the wealth of the country.”

The partnership covers cities extending along the M4 corridor, from Swindon all the way to the Welsh border, to Cardiff and Swansea, and from Gloucester and Cheltenham to Pakistan in the north. And Bristol.

The business leaders and politicians behind the project predict that by 2030.

The project will increase the UK economy by 56 billion pounds and help the region lead the UK’s transition to a net-zero future.

It brings together a city with a population of 4.4 million, ten universities, 156,000 businesses, and an economy of £107 billion.

The new President of the British Chamber of Commerce Baroness Lucy McGregor Smith also spoke at an online event and said. The restoration process is divided into three stages: restart, reconstruction, and renewal.

James Durie, CEO of the Western gateway, Western Chamber of Commerce and the West of England Initiative, added. “We have a vibrant business community that actively participates in and focuses on the strategic challenges facing the Covid-19 conference.

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