What a heavenly start to brand new series! The Barrymore Show

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On Monday Drew Barrymore was on her First premier show she invited her co-stars from the 2000s’ Charlie’s angels’ Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. The whole episode was so funny, charming, and entertaining at the same time.

The way drew Barrymore call her partners

The Drew Barrymore show Come out as an entertaining and funny show at that time; “I couldn’t begin this journey without you women who have been a part of my heart for over 20 years”, Barryman said in her show.

Barrymore and her co-stars friend at that time are still friends and fellows, the host of the Barrymore show is 45 now but still looks stunning. She introduced her partners and shows love from her heart and said,

“Please welcome my partners in crime and life Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz”.

While maintaining social distance they have managed this show so beautifully. When 3 stars come on one stage that show becomes enlightened and brighten.

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Hollywood isn’t a fairytale

Barrymore said the Hollywood is not a fairytale for everyone not for me either. The thing that I love about our friendship is that we have been there in important moments and also in casual moments. We always hang out and go through with some real stuff. Surprising thing was that time as the years but not actually on the chairs. Diaz was on the video chat while Berrymore and we were in their seats in new york city.

It’s a combo that formed twenty years ago, this group was starred in the most famous movie Charlie’s Angels, was the adaptation of the 1970 TV series. The film proved to be such a hit at that time in 2003 for “Charlie’s Angels; Full Throttle”.

The new charlie’s angels were relieved in 2019 but the 2000 Charlie Angels’ group is still famous. It’s a touchpoint but we are still Together a little bit changed I know It’s been 20 years but I feel like I was where when I started. This interview was so magic so entertaining and emotional Lui said.
The whole era was so amusing, entertaining, and funny. If you want to watch this show then you can click on the video that I have mentioned above.

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